By Cindy Below Par Records
Article By Cindy James on Jun 12, 2002

Cindy: Hey! Can you tell us a bit about your position at Below Par and what you do?

Jai: yeh my name is Jai, im 18 and i am the A&R guy at the label. Which means i bring in the bands.

Cindy: Are you the sole owner/creator of Below Par?

Jai: Nope, Mark and I started it November 2001 and matt joined about 7 or 8 months later.

Cindy: Is Below Par a full time thing for you?

Jai: It is at the moment yes.

Cindy: Where a bouts is the label based?

Jai: st george district in Sydney.

Cindy: Where did the inspiration and idea of starting this label arise?

Jai: initially it was a ploy to pull chicks haha.

Cindy: Creating Below Par at such a young age, (16!) how and where did you find the direction to get started?

Jai: i guess we found the direction from our friends and family not believing in us. I mean it just made us more motivated to succeed and prove them wrong, as for the age thing i see it as a bonus.

Cindy: Were there any specific courses you took to learn the ins and outs of the music industry or has it all been a learning curve?

Jai: nope none at all, we learn from experiences and have only really learnt how the industry works in the past 6 really opens your eyes.

Cindy: How did the name "Below Par" come about?

Jai: cool question. mark and i used to play golf for school sport and we loved it even though we sucked ass. Anyway after destroying the greens one time we got banned from the golf coarse and school sport in general, after toying with names and still having a passion for golf we knew it just had to be associated with our all time favourite sport. mark came up with the name and it was just like 'yep thats it'.

Cindy: How many bands do you have signed up to your label at present?

Jai: only 2, "For Amusement Only" and "Something With Numbers". They are the most kickass bands in Australia at the moment.

Cindy: Are they both Australian?

Jai: yep, F.A.O are from Melbourne and S.W.N are from the NSW Central Coast.

Cindy: Caddy of the Year being B.P first compilation release, when was this c.d released, how many bands featured on it, and are their international acts featuring?

Jai: caddy 1 was released in april 2001 and had 23 bands on it from places like usa, canada, spain, belgium and of coarse australia. it was a great first release but the artwork was left to be desired.

Cindy: Is this release still available for purchase?

Jai: yep only on our website though its $10.

Cindy: The bands on this years Caddy of the year 2 are looking quite hot with 24 acts featuring? in follow up to Caddy of the year 1, can you tell us a bit about this compilation and when it’s due for release?

Jai: Caddy of the year 2 is going to kick caddy 1's ass. hehe yeh it gets released on july 29 nationally and is getting distributed through inertia, some of the bands on it include at the drive in, midtown, one dollar short, lucky 7, irrelevant , rufio plus our own bands and many more. Its a much more diverse compilation than caddy 1 was, its got abit more rock and even some heavier stuff but the upbeat pop punk is still there which makes for a great mix of bands that really complement each other.

Cindy: Do you get out and see many bands in your spare time?

Jai: yeh thats how my weekends are spent.

Cindy: What are 3 of your favourite bands?

Jai: Saves the day, weezer and one dollar short. oh yeh and our s.w.n and f.a.o :)

Cindy: What has been your Below Par high light so far?

Jai: itd definetly be when phil from grinspoon called us cockheads(not cokeheads) on his website after the arnette xmas party, i mean publicity like that is priceless. i think its because we tried stealing his drugs haha na just kidding we didnt try to steal his drugs.

Cindy: Where do you see the label headed in 12-18 months time?

Jai: As a force to be reckoned with, well have more local artists aswell some internationals on our label. The future is looking bright for Below Par.

Cindy: Any last words to sum up Below Par Records?

Jai: Yes buy all our releases to support indie labels and bands. visit our site at, visit our distributors site at and get ready because caddy of the year 2 is coming!

Jai Alattas
A & R
Below Par Records
02 91506378