Article By Cindy James Best Kept Secret
Article By Cindy James on May 17, 2002

Best Kept Secret
I managed to score an interview with Tim from Best kept secret in between rehearsing for their world tour with Guns and roses.
Cindy: So what’s the current line-up for Best Kept Secret?
Tim: Well my self (Tim Flaherty) on guitar and assorted vocals, Mitch Willard on main vocals, Daniel Whitehouse on bass, Matt Tully on drums and his little bro Dan on guitar.

Cindy: And where are you guys’ based?
Tim: We all live on the Central Coast, we live within 10 mins of each other so it’s nice and cosy.
Cindy: And how long have you all been playing together?
Tim: Going on ten months now, only a short while but we adapted pretty quickly to each others music styles and that made it a lot easier to write music together. . I think it is important to have a mutual stance on where the band would like to go with the music they write. You don’t need a member of the band trying to sound like last weeks flavour. It’s all about communication and involving everyone in the band.

Cindy: What Style do you play?
Tim: When I tell people we are punk rock or punk pop it never feels like the right description for our sound. We don’t concentrate on fast punk beats or political statements, we go with what ever sounds good and don’t limit ourselves to one style of music. So when I think of a description for our music I will let you know, maybe you guys can label us when you hear a bit more.
Cindy: So tell us a bit about how B.K.S formed?
Tim: Before I joined the band B.K.S was originally named Slyde show, with Mitch (vox) playing guitar. Since my departure from One dollar short Mitch proposed an offer to join the band. After some time off I had Mitch come over to my place and go through some material. We started working on a riff that Mitch brought over and things all started to fall into place from there.

Cindy: Do you guys have day jobs?
Tim: I work at channel 9, Mitch works at Mangrove studios (he makes a mean coffee) which is very convenient for future recordings. Dan (bass) is a plasterer, Dan (guitar) works at a supermarket (just ask him for all your low grocery prices) and Matt is currently looking for a job, so if there is anyone who is looking for a reliable drummer for cover bands or street busking please leave your details.
Cindy: Do you have any future plans, if not already of recordings?
Tim: We are currently finishing our E.P which we plan to release late this year. It will have 6 tracks and a film clip for the single “Another night”

Cindy: Musically, who are some of the influences behind B.K.S?
Tim: There are so many bands and different sounds that appeal to us and have a influence in our song writing. I grew up listening to bands like Pennywise, Nofx, Face to Face, No use for a name, there are so many I don’t know where to start. We all have our favourite bands, I guess that’s what makes up the sound of B.K.S What C.D would we find in your stereo at the moment?
I still have old classic albums in my player like, Saves the day (through being cool), which I happen to be listening now. I don’t have a lot of new stuff I guess iam still hung up on all the old albums from my fav bands.
Cindy: Who’s the mastermind behind most of the music & lyrics in the band?
Tim: With song writing, we all have some sort of input. We kind of pull things from our own influences. Put together we create our own sound. Mitch and I write lyrics about our own experiences and thoughts from the ups and downs of life.

Cindy: How often do you guys’ rehearse?
Tim: About one to two days a week. Are practices are limited because we all work different hours of the day.
Cindy: Are there any up coming gigs we can catch you’s play at?
Tim: June the 21st we are playing a show at bizzos, carringbar if that’s how you spell it? We have been concentrating on recording the past few weeks and keeping low till it is all finished.

Cindy: Have you got a few words to sum up Best Kept Secret?
Tim: Uhmmmmmmmmmm…… We are not gay!
Cindy: I’ll remember that one!
Cindy: O.K thanx for your time!!!!
Tim: No girl thank you………