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Article By Cindy James on Feb 6, 2003


1. So what's the current line-up of Change Of Face and who plays what
in the band?


Dezo: Well we have the brothers Robinson who write. That’s Chaybears on guitar, and Robbo on voice. The All new Juano is on bass, Axx is on guitar, and I (dezo, the black guy) play drums.

2. Can you tell us a little bit about the Perth music scene, is there a fight for supports when a touring act comes to town, or is it a healthy scene for your style of music over there?

Dezo: Perth scene is pretty tight between bands, always drink together and everyone gets along. We hang out with Last Years Hero the most they are also our biggest competitor, so there is a definate rivalry, business wise, but it hasn't ever affected friendships between bands.

There hasn't been much available lately in the way of supports, due to the amount (being zero) of bands visiting our side of the country. The last tour we did (with Melbourne’s Away From Now) and the next one coming up (Secondbest, aka Silent*Corporation) were scored through Artax Entertainment who manages us and brought the bands over, so that just fell into place. Supports on a larger scale I'm pretty sure just about everyone goes in for every support that comes up hoping to score something. We've noticed in the past that the bands that are doing well, and working hard will seem to get a lot of stuff all at once, because they deserve it and the promoters want to give them a go I guess? For example, ‘Gyroscope’ got a heap of stuff last year, and ‘Boredumb’ a heap of stuff the year before. That’s supports side of the question taken care of.

Onto "is our scene healthy?", I'd say yes it is healthy, not that I have really had anything to compare it to. A few consistent venues and crowd for 18+, usually get just over 100 for just about any show really. All Ages wise, we only really have one well priced venue to hire called HQ which is at a skate park, depending on whose on, we've had up to about 150 payers.

3. Were you all in a high school band together or did the band form elsewhere?

Dezo: Chaybears, Axx, and myself were all in a band together from about year 8 or 9. I met Chay on the first day of year 8 and he was like, "We should make a band". So I brought drums. We eventually formed a band with Axx and a couple of other guys called Flip 5/0, which did really well when we would've been about 15ish. I think we did just over 50 shows in 2000. Basically shit went down and the band self-destructed. Anyway, Chaybears, Axx, and I went on to form what is now Change of Face. Our singer Robbo is Chay's older brother (20) and we had known him through high school, with our bassist Juano, we stole from a metal band called Explicit Version.

4. How long ago was Change Of Face formed?

Dezo: Early 2001, first show on St Patrick's Day.

5. The storey behind your band name. was it a case of a friend stabbing you in the back or a persons traits that influenced it or was it an on the spot kind of thing?

Dezo: Hhahahah no it wasn't anything like that. We thought up so many cool names and had so many suggested.. such as.. Four word band name, Collegeball Allstars, The Alf Stewart Experience etc... etc... Anyway as you can see these names are hilarious, but didn’t really suit what we wanted to do. So we were on this name 3 Phase for about 2 weeks, and it turned out to be some electronica band from Melbourne I think. A friend of ours ended up holding the key to the name - Take an old broken up Japanese grind-core band's name and muddle up the words.. and Face of Change became - you guessed it! CHANGE OF FACE! 


6. What style of music you would guys’ categorise yourselves into?

Dezo: That’s always a tough one. I don’t like to pigeon hole us, but in a nutshell it is punk. We prefer to go for a description like.. err I dunno, Melodic punk influenced rock with elements of sophistication.

7. C.O.F have supported some big named acts, including Strung Out, Gyroscope, Silent*Corporation and so many more, can you tell us a bit about these shows, and which of the many have been your highlight?

Dezo: Personally, I have wanted to just see Strung Out since I was 14. Playing with them couldn't have made it any better!!!!! But I think we probably have the most fun on our regional tours with the east coast bands. We have got along with all of them so well… Especially ‘Away From Now’ most recently I think, cos all we all did for those 4 days was DRINK. Silent Corporation, Antiskeptic, and Day of Contempt we have also had a heaps rad time with.

8. What would your greatest achievement as a band to-date be?

Dezo: Hey Robbo has just walked in here so I'll let him answer some.

Robbo: Hey! The support of people I respect.... I also have to say the little achievments have been the best, just seeing the band grow with every little step.

9. Hey Robbo, What would some of the musical influences behind Change Of Face consist of?

Dezo: It varies between us, personally, me personally I'm into Goldfinger, Strung Out, No Use For a Name, Smashing Pumpkins, and then I really like Arkana, and also stuff like Dr.Dre.

Robbo: influence is a big thing at the moment for us, each member seems to be opening up to so many different styles. Our influences are fueled by the desire to write something catchy yet original. Because of that it’s a very exciting time for us. The new CD we are recording will hopefully be a reflection of that and carry us to the next level of Change of face.

10. Can you tell us about your current release 'Drive On' and is it available from all music stores?

Robbo: Drive on came at a transitional time for the band, its got a great mix of sounds on it, but the real style that it targets, I don’t believe we developed. For where we were at the time, I’m stoked. Its giving us a great boost, very well received and has sold extremely well. Yes its available most places in Australia and it’s just about to go into the second pressing.

Dezo: Through MGM. cat number MWA117. Order it!

Is there any future recording plans in sight for C.O.F?

Dezo: We are a band that does record whenever we can. I think we like to be in the studio. Well I do anyway. We work with the raddest producer/engineer David Parkin, such a great guy. I think he just got a whole heap of new stuff for the studio that sounds rad, and I'm pretty sure we are in to do 2 tracks next week over 3 days.. Probably just get raw stuff down, but its a start!!!

12. What 3 bands would you like to play with in the future?

Dezo: Goldfinger, No Use for A Name, Foo Fighters

Robbo: Well id be lying if i didn’t say Metallica, AC/DC and the Foo Fighters. Bring on the stadiums!!!

13. What was the last gig you went to you didn't play at?

Dezo: The launch of, mainly went down to see our friends Whitechapel, and Gyroscope play. I did an appauling job of lights for Whitechapel.

Robbo: The Big Day Out this year, i got way too drunk and only saw one band.

14. - C.D you brought?

Dezo: I think I bought the new Sum 41 and Pacifier singles.

Robbo: New Rocket from the Crypt album. We are both of the opinion that mp3s rule our lives though because its so much easier.

15. All time favourite disc?

Robbo: Fuck who knows, there are shit loads, I’m not the sort of person with an all time favourite band, so all time favourite CD, I cant really pick one.

Dezo: Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream, or in my later teen years Strung Out - Twisted by Design, it is the ultimate 90's punk album, It will be very hard to top that I think, and I don't think anyone has done it to date. (including Strung Out themselves, though I love their new shit very dearly aswell!!)

16. Where do you see C.O.F in 12-18 months?

Robbo: Up I hope. It’s hard to say, it lies squarely in our hands, if we can write the songs, then we're on our way. I guess we're really just starting to find out if we have what it takes. I’m forever hopeful.

Dezo: Touring I hope.

Is there a website we can catch Change Of Face on?

Got any words to sum up Change of Face?

Robbo: I can't think of anything.

Dezo: look out for us I guess.. Download an mp3 from our website and that sort of thing, drop us an email and tell us what you think.. We'd love to hear from everyone! Cheers for the interview aswell Cindy, much appreciated, speak with you soon.

No Probs, later guys!!