Dylan Lewis Dylan Lewis
Article By Cindy James on May 14, 2002



Here I am at the Pepsi Live nightclub, Fox Studio’s Sydney, having a chat with the crazy and very enthusiastic Dylan Lewis, presenter of Pepsi Live and X- Recovery Show about… well all things off the top of my head! Not having an interview prepared made things…. Interesting.
Cindy: Hey Dylan! I’m Cindy, how you doing?
Dylan: Hi Cindy, I’m Dylan, I’m super, thanks how are you?
Cindy: Not to bad thanx
Dylan: I thought I’d say that in a low voice as this is audio and will make no difference, as the readers can’t hear what I’m saying…
Cindy: No they can’t but reading’s just as good!
Cindy: So how long have you been on the presenting, interviewing and reporting scene for?
Dylan: I’ve been trying to interview, report and present shows for…. 8 years! I think it’s been 8 years?
Cindy: And how did you get into this particular industry?
Dylan: I fell into it accidentally, it was when I was playing in a band at the time, I’m still playing in the same band and we’ve got nowhere! I was noticed via the band and the producers said, “Oh my god let’s try this guy out!”. I then started working on a ABC show, called “recovery”, which is a Saturday morning Live show.
Cindy: And what’s your band name?
Dylan: The band I was referring to previously was called the Brown Hornet’s. I too play in a band called ‘Mega bias’ Which has single called ‘bad-Ath’, we’ll soon have a double album called “the evilution” being evil.
Dylan: But I think you’ve got something on your tongue…?
Cindy: Yepp, it’s my tongue ring
Dylan: Ohhh god, are you O.K?
Cindy: Yeah I’m surviving!
Cindy: So where about’s are you from?
Dylan: I was born and raised for 5 years in Adelaide, which I’m proud of!!! So you’re not allowed to ditch me for it!
Cindy: no probs
Dylan: Thankyou! Then I moved to Melbourne, and I’ve lived there ever since, and I just come up to Sydney to do television.
Cindy: How do you find the whole stardom, fame and fortune treating you?
Dylan: Ahhh, stardom, stardom treats me very well (lowers his voice to a posh tone) It’s brought fame and success to my band-NOT! It’s just something, I dunno, it’s an interesting thing, it’s something that’s probably made me more social-phobic then I already was. But it’s fine I love it although I don’t get that much free stuff!! I thought people who were on television always got free stuff like games, but no one ever gives me any f’cking games!
Cindy: Awww you could’ve kept that “One Dollar Short” hat you had on tonight, but you threw it into the audience!
Dylan: Yeah I had to chuck it into the crowd, but it made my head feel funny anyway
Cindy: Sooo you got a big head!?!?
Dylan: Yeh, you could say that
Cindy: Damn
Dylan: Damn!!!
Cindy: Being a music presenter and being exposed to a lot of various styles of music through out the industry, what is your preferred genre’ that u like to just kick back and listen to?
Dylan: Well I listen to everyone that comes on the show, So for the last 8 years that’s been a listening choice that I have not chosen since I been working in this field. It has totally broadened my horizons, I think I have a bit of ‘pop’ blood in me now… Though, don’t stress Cindy, it’s not a bad thing, I think pop just means popular, which means listenable, so it’s not shit. But when I do get home, it does get a bit to much after while listening to the same stuff over and over again. I started out on hard core classical (Woorarrrrrrrrra then comes into psychodelic trumpet noise ‘bompppaaabombbooombbbommbb bompabomb bomb bomb’) I get into world music a lot, I ‘spose I play mostly hip hop on my stereo. That’s my preferred genre’
(Long pause while I try and think of another question!)
Dylan: I love it when I make sentences J
Cindy: I love it when I have a mental block & can’t think of any questions….
(I say sarcastically)
Dylan: How about I ask you some questions….
Cindy: Sounds great
(The interview gets turned around)
Dylan: How long have you been doing this?
Cindy: About two months-ish, yeah I do all this working from home in between my days off work and tafe, I spend most of my time on the internet researching and hooking up interviews.
Dylan: Yeah it’s all sort of ‘webby’ now days isn’t it with the whole technology thing. Maybe you should look up the brown hornets web site http www.thebrownhornet.com
Cindy: Did you have to take any specific courses to get into this field?
Dylan: Narrr, I wish I did though, I wish back then there was a course like that, that Rove went to, and Burt went to and all those other fine presenters, then I would go there and become a fine presenter. I suppose there’s journalism courses and stuff like that but I didn’t really come from that angle, I came from being a musician and knowing the language to speak with other musicians, that was helpful at the start, you know, I wasn’t just plotting around trying to be a journalist. I was just a guy, who is a musician, interested in other people’s music. And every single person that I chat to, I’ll gain something from. I’ve never hated anyone that I’ve interviewed, I haven’t so far… Touch wood, That’s pretty lucky I suppose. I take that all into my soul and I re-apply it back into my own music that I create aswell. It’s a fabulous learning experience being a musician. Though I don’t feel I’m a real journalist.
Cindy: How do you relax and chill out whilst at home, do you just go and make more music or try and get away from that scene?
Dylan: Yeh I play music, have lots of jams, rehearsals and I write lots of lyrics, I have a pianola at home, It’s great, especially at Christmas, I have a lot of Christmas Carols on pianola… And playing with my dog! She takes up a lot of my time, which I have to walk a lot.
Cindy: Awesome, what’s her name?
Dylan: Schwei
Cindy: And how did that name come about?
Dylan: It was accidental, we thought we were going to call her Shwaaa, which is a compensate for EHHHHH. The sounds like EHHH (with a lot of facial expressions & arm movments involved!!!!) and that’s called a Shwaaaaaa… “EHHH” (with those sounds made Dylan raises both arms in the air and puts everything into it). Although that didn’t sound like a dogs name, so we called her Schwei. It actually means lots of different things in Chinese, we don’t know what though, it might mean whyyyyyy? And it might mean… another thing I can’t remember…
Cindy: I’ve noticed the tattoo on your upper arm. Does it symbolise anything or have any particular meaning?
Dylan: Yes, it resembles 7 clowns, they’re all coloured in differently. It really really hurts when they do up here close to your armpit. But I didn’t cry very much. I’m fascinated with clowns! Look at this!!!! (Lifts up shirt to show me the tattoo in the upper middle of his back…)
Cindy: Madd, that looks pretty wicked, for those of you who can’t see, it’s two big flames, like wings with a…
Dylan And a THING
Cindy: Yeshhh a thing, like a star formation in the middle…
Dylan: I was an extra in Star Wars once…
Cindy: WHAT? How did you manage to land that one?
Dylan: I’m still not sure if I’ve ended up in the final cut I was number 4-1-7. If you replace the letters with their alphabetical co-in sidings, it says D.A.G = DAG, Which I think that was what I was, I might end up on the cutting room floor but the way I got it was me being quite obsessive and annoying to my agent, I winged and winged and winged. The only thing I ever spoke about was that and I have a lot of star wars toys, I’m an obsessive guy. Then she said “please stop winging forever” and so I scored! And then I retired from my film business.
Cindy: Do you see yourself sticking with presenting for many more years to come?
Dylan: I would like to think so. I enjoy it. I’ve enjoyed it every single day in the past… I love it, I can’t ask for anything else, as a money-earning thing, or as an experience-gaining thing. It’s totally fitted to what I want to do. If I could’ve ever chose a job to do, it would be this! It’s a bonus for me I don’t know why I’ve been so lucky.
Cindy: Have you ever felt camera shy?
Dylan: Well I did get very nervous before I had to do an Interview with Brittany (Spears) the nerves got to me, I lost so much weight. It was only two weeks ago though, even the smaller interviews I still get nervous, like with Katie Underwood from Bardot. Not that she’s a small interview, but she’s not Brittany with 20 body guards surrounding her. I dunno, with this television stuff you don’t really have time to get camera shy. It’s all about trying to remember everything you have to say.
Cindy: Do you write your own questions and points?
Dylan: Well I write everything I say down a few days before the show and try to remember them. I think my appendix has become a short term memory bank, It stores and helps me remember whilst the show is on, and straight after it’s all gone.
Cindy: O.k well I think we’ve gone wayyy over time but thankyou so much for you’re time!
Dylan: That’s not a problem Cindy, thankyou for the spontaneous interview.
-Cindy James