Hot out of the studio and gearing up, ready to tour the East Coast in support of their 2nd EP 'One For The Team', I grab a moment of Guitarist Tim's time to talk about, well, fao For Amusement Only
Article By Cindy James on Jun 3, 2003


1. It's been around a year since I interviewed you guys, last time around, the interview was with your ex drummer, Chuckles. Since his departure, the band has claimed back your previous drummer, Mark, how is he going re-adapting back into the FAO team?


Awesome, Marky is a very cool kid, very relaxed and calm about pretty much everything!! But he is awesome to play with, he is an amazing drum and plays guitar and bass better than any of us. The best thing about him though is he is good mate, and that is the most important thing. Its been cool to have him back in the gang!  


2. 2002 was a big year for FAO, just running through some of the highlights, you were seen riding off the success of the debut EP 'Where did we go wrong?', touring the nation, showcasing upon the Vans Warped Tour, secured a Hurly clothing edoursment, playing along side Good Charlotte + Sum 41 which is amognst various other international/interstate outfits. Is the ball still rolling throughout this year and is there anything in the pipelines you can spiel out to us?

Yeah we had a blast last year, we were so lucky to have done all we have. We certainly had heaps of fun but also learnt a lot, and that has really inspired us to keep working harder and getting better. The band is definately the most primed it has been towards taking the next step, recording the "One For The Team" Ep, embarking on this tour, the ball is definately still rolling! As for whats coming up, sometimes  its a case of just sitting back and hanging on for the ride. There has definately been talk of overseas tours, recording an album and what not, but for now we are just concentrating on this June Tour and making it the best we possibly can, and also writing the best new songs we can as well. We'll take each day as it comes, and have a whole lot of fun doing just that!

 3. The early stages of this year saw the band record your second EP ('One For The Team') which has just been released via Below Par Records, where was the disc recorded and how do you feel about the outcome of the EP? 

We are all stoked with the EP. It was cool to go in and record songs we were all happy with and to work with an awesome producer like Kalju. Again we learnt so much, and had heaps of fun recording the songs. And I think that makes it the most worthwhile, each song has a story behind it, not just in the lyrics but in the way we recorded them.  For instance we were all in uncontrollable fits of laughter for about an hour as Grant from Bodyjar, laid down some screaming tracks on the EP. Also seeing Kal, our producer run up and down flights of stairs to pay piano bits was quite funny. I think the fact that these songs were written, and recorded as we wanted them was the most rewarding.



4. One of the tracks off the EP ('Believe') has reached number 1 on Triple J's net 50, did you have expectations of this track being such a success? 

"Believe" has done really well for us, which is awesome! Thanks to all our fans who voted for us! It was cool, cause that track really sums up what the last 6 months have been for me and us as a band, believing in ourselves and giving it our all! I don't think we thought too much about the success of any of our songs, we just wanted to write honest, real songs that represented us! If other people like them, then that is rad.


5. Will we be seeing any further single releases off this EP? 

Yeah I hope so, not sure what songs yet...

6. Your record label, Below Par has just signed a new outfit, In The Grey. Have you had a chance to catch these guys live or hear any of their material as yet? If so, what are your thoughts on the new signing? 

Stoked, I heard some demo's a while back, and I am really looking forward to playing with them in Syney this week. I have heard nothing but good reports. 

7. How did the Hurly clothing spondership come about? 

We hijacked this ship container at the Melbourne Docks and were stoked to find all this Hurley gear inside!! Lucky break I guess! 

8. How is the local scene of your home town in Melbourne, are there any fresh artists we should keep an eye out for? 

Yeah, its awesome so many cool young bands playing around town, the scene is really healthy at the moment. A band called Underside are abour to release a new EP that sounds awesome! Also a bunch of younger guys called "To Get the Girls" are also sounding very sweet indeed!

9. What are a few of the CDs gaining rotation in your CD player at the moment? 

The Used, Sugarcult, Mest, Coldplay, Something with Numbers, and Strung Out! 

10. What are some of the original bands that influenced you growing up? 


So many to mention...... I was a big britpop fan as a teenager, I loved Oasis, Blur, Suede and stuff like that, but bands like Blink, Greenday, One Inch Punch, Bodyjar, Millencollin, Lagwagon, really converted me to punk rock!  

11. Who's had the biggest influence on you in your career? 

Either the most awesome band in the world... "Aqua", or seriously Frank Sinatra, and my brother.

11. Does the band have any on or off stage antics you'd like to share with us? 

 Without getting sued or censored??? THe last tour saw us create the most stupid game in the world involving us slapping each others naked skin as hard as we could

12. What would be your favourite track off the new EP 'One For The Team'? 

I love all the tracks, at the moment its' probably Summer Nights! 

13. What's an ultimate band line-up for a festival (you can choose any, past or present)? 

the beatles, brian wilson, bros, the housemartins, nofx, aqua, lagwagon, dashboard confessional, papa roach, oasis, leftfield, spearhead, and maybe us cause then I could get in for free!!! 

14. What was the last gig you went to that you didn't play at?  i picked my little brother up from Avril (does that count?) The other was the Mrs Pinkwhistle Cd Launch in Melbourne, those guys are awesome. 

15. Cd you brought? 

The Used 

16. All time favourite disc? 

Oasis, Definately Maybe 

17. Where do you see the band in 12-18 months time? 

Still having lots of fun, and thats  all that matters. Sure we have goals of touring OS and releasing an album, but the most important things is that we are honest with each other, having fun and writing and playing the best songs we can! 

18. Well thank you for your time and I look forward to catching you guys in Sydney!

Thank you cin and looking forward to seeing all you lovely Sydneyites!!