For Amusement Only

For Amusement Only

Article By Cindy James on May 14, 2002




After a week and a bit of anticipation and excitement I got my 45 mins of glory chatting to For Amusements’ Only Drummer Chuckles about, nudity, the warped tour and everything in between! Read on to find out what he has to say…
After a bit of chit chat we finally get the interview started…
Cindy* So chuckles, tell us what colour your bathroom tiles are?
Chuckles* Hahahahahaha –laughs- I think they’re like a hmmm I got like a sorta creamy cream colour
Cindy* Hehe narr, I’m just breaking the ice :) seriously,
Cindy* How long have you guys been playing as a band together?
Chuckles* Well we’ve been together for about 18 months now. I joined the band near the start. They had another drummer Marky who’s position I took over and we’ve been doing the whole slog ever since then.
Cindy* Where do you find most of your inspiration & motivation comes from?
Chuckles* With playing music and writing songs?
Cindy* Yep
Chuckles* We obviously love music! Going along and seeing bands all the time, & seeing NFG and The Mighty Bostones at Warped made us just stop and just go, WOW we really like that! Seeing bands that mesmerises us like that inspires us and helps us come along further.
Cindy* Your long awaited first E.P ‘Where did we go wrong?” was released last February and was a very successful hit on with “start again” debuting at no.1. Are we set to be hearing this track as a your 2nd single off this E.P?
Chuckles* We actually haven’t talked about putting out a second single from this E.P as yet. Nova, a Melbourne radio station has made us their Feature band of the month! And have been playing “Set the storey straight” a lot, it’s awesome for the band. We haven’t really tried to push anything along so far, though “set the storey straight” is looking like there mayyyyybe a possibility of it becoming a single but there’s still more discussion to be made!
Cindy* Most of your songs sound like they’re coming from a really emotional point of view, are your songs based on real people and if so, anyone in-particular?
Chuckles* Well we all got really diverse musical backgrounds, and are all really good mates that have an awesome time together! As a band we travel around having as much fun as possibly we can! Tim & Novo, being the two main songwriters write about everything thing that’s happening in their lives at past or present and basically about just having fun. I know Novo wrote one of our songs about his parents. Tim’s wrote our song Amy. When he’s at home he does after school care, and Amy was written about a girl that made an emotional impact on him. We’re writing about a bit more positive things now days…
Cindy* You guys have just come back from a tour on the warped line-up, did you make any new buddies or future tour plans whilst on the road???
Chuckles* YESS! Yeah we did, we were hanging out with the guys from New Found and lucky 7 alot! We’re all now pretty good mates now and I’m sure we’ll be doing something with them in near the future!! In Adelaide we had Derren from lucky 7 up on stage joining in on guitar & drums. Although it wasn’t just the American bands we got to hang out with, we also got to know Body jar and One dollar short really well and had an absolute ball!!!!
Cindy* Did yous’ pick up any onstage or even the famous offstage motel room antics from any of the other bands on the line-up?
Chuckles* ummmm hmmmmm I gotta think about this one {pauses for a moment} I don’t remember too much, -laughs- Gold Coast we didn’t really do much with any chicks ohh we stayed at this motel room… Narr it wasn’t that good. Ulladulla was an interesting night! Chucky from Area7 was a totally different person, mainly due to alcohol consumption but he was a lot of fun, very interesting hahaha I don’t know what else I can say {giggles more}.
Cindy* I can see sommmmeone had a good time!
Chuckles* (Giggles more to himself} Yeah, It was! Melbourne we just pretty much chilled out, that being our hometown we mostly accommodated for a few of the other bands on the line up. Adelaide I just hung out with the Body Jar guys I know Ben & Novo went out with Steve from New Found Glory for a few drinks. Sydney there was a little party after the show that Chuggy {Promoter of Warped Tour- Michael Chugg} put on, which ment free drinks!!! The only place that really stands out in mind was Ulladulla! Box Head {dollar shorts tour manager} was making this noise, it’s like bewiahhh, like that, it caught on & every one in the motel room started doing it. One couple that was staying at the motel actually left ‘cuz of the noise level. The motel owner was trying to track down the main culprits as we all got accused for it!
Cindy* Was there much crazy footage filmed whilst on the road?
Chuckles* Not particularly us but One Dollar Shorts’ tour manager, Box Head was going around trying to get girls to flash themselves, which turned out quite successful, but apart form that there wasn’t that much.
Cindy* Sounds it!!! :)
Cindy* With ¾ of the audience jumping on stage during the last song of your set at Sydney’s warped & bringing the stage to almost near collapsing point did you find the promoters kicking your ass’s afterwards?
Chuckles* My ass wasn’t really kicked but I don’t think our manager was too happy! {Chuckles to himself} but umm there was a lot of panic at the time, as u saw, it was pretty insane! But I think after about an hour or two all the tension wore off. Too be honest I was a bit scared up the back on my drums, my drum kit almost got taken out. Have you ever seen the movie Air Heads?
Cindy* Narr I haven’t!?
Chuckles* Well that’s how I’d describe the gig… like a scene off that movie… Chaos! We also actually played another show a little while back and literally broke the stage! But that’s another crazy storey…
Cindy* What did you guys do???
Chuckles* Don’t blame us, blame the punters!!!! It wasn’t our fault!
Cindy* Oh it never is…
{Shares a moment of giggles…}
Cindy* How and who came up with the title of this E.P “Where did we go wrong”?
Chuckles* I’m not sure who came up with “where did we go wrong?” {Another pause of silence taken} ahh I think it came from before the E.P was released. Every time we’d go on tour our & manager wasn’t with us, all weird theses things would just happen. We’d wake up in the morning and be like… Where did we go wrong this time? All our Antics represented our craziness and brought us back to reality by the next morning.
Cindy* Is their any news of recording for an album or second E.P about?
Chuckles* Well last Monday we just finished recording a fairly large set of songs for Richard Kingsmill’s oz music show, which will air in a few weeks time. We played two brand new songs whilst in the JJJ studios which was the first time we’d heard them layed down & recorded!
Cindy* Awesome! How did they sound?
Chuckles* Yeah we all were really happy with how they turned out! Obviously that wont be a release, it was just for Triple J. As for the rest of the year, we’re just going to keep demo-ing but wont be releasing anything until the end of the year when we head back into the studio to record our 2nd E.P. We’re just letting everything take it’s course, getting out there and covering as much ground as we can and trying not to rush into anything so we can build up our writing skills and keep on writing, it’s hard work but good fun!
cindy* How do all of you manage to relax and stay sane whilst on tour?
Chuckles* Cinds we get way to spoilt! We usually just kick back, hang out beside the pool have a few beers; go out to a nice restraunt in the evening for dinner. If there’s a beach we go there and chill out and just have fun I guess. I know Tim likes to get naked!
Cindy* Yeh I read somewhere that that you guys like to get naked when doing phone interviews…
Chuckles* Ahahahhah yes that is true! We used to have competitions going, Tim gets naked a lot. It was really funny for a while, but you know, seeing your best mates naked all the time got a bit boring
Cindy* As it does… Are you naked now?
Chuckles* umm hahahhahahahahhahhahah maybe I am……….. but, don’t tell anyone!
Cindy* So have you guys known each other since high school?

rocking hard

Chuckles* Well Novo and Ben went to school together over in WA & they both some how ventured over here at separate times. They met up with Tim and Marky the old drummer. Then a friend of Tim’s gave Tim my number, we had a few jams, we all just had fun and it just happened from there.
Cindy* You’s have opened shows for some pretty big named bands in the past such as Sum 41, Unwritten Law + many more, are their any gigs in-particular that stand out in mind?
Chuckles* The Unwritten Law show at the Metro in Sydney was awesome!!!! It was like an honour to go up there. It was insane and one of my most memorable gigs I’ve ever played! All the guys and girls in Sydney are a wicked audience! You’s are all crazy and really get into it and not just stand around
Cindy* Awww I bet you say that to all us Sydney punters!
Chuckles* Narr I’m being serious, you Sydney siders rock!
Cindy* So what’s the Melbourne music scene like? Is there a big fan base for punk down there?
Chuckles* Yeh! It’s really really good down here. All the kiddies get way into the punk scene. When we played the Melbourne Warped show everyone was going crazy! Melbourne would’ve been where we got the better response on that tour, but playing to a local crowd was awesome, but yeh yeh good scene.
Cindy* Do the band get a lot of support from your hometown with gig venues, promotions etc?
Chuckles* Yeh totally! We really do! We still get shows were only 20 or 30 people rock up but when we play more of the inner city shows with good mates of ours UNDERSIDE who are an awesome pop punk outfit. It works out well. We got such a big band scene for the pop punk genre’ down here and it all goes nuts! It’s kinda weird though when we go play Qld, Nsw and Adelaide because no one really knows us as much, but down here its like we’re stepping up in the industry now.
Cindy* And how do you respond to being on that level of success?
Chuckles* We find the best thing for us to do is to not really hide from people. We’re all just normal guys. We get out and talk to everyone and not hide away in band rooms or stay at home on Saturday nights. We’re enjoying life and it’s all going well.
Cindy* What musical influences had an impact in the creation of F.A.O & have they changed as the band has grown?
Chuckles* Yep definitely! I’ve always listened to bands like MxPx, Strung Out, Lagwagon and all the bands on Fat Wreck-chords but One Inch Punch first got me into this scene, I heard them on Triple J and they blew me away! We all also listen to other various styles of music. I grew up listening to Ugly Kid Joe and Ben Harper but also bands like Tool & Primus – they play good drumming songs so they keep me happy :)
Ben would be the most punk at heart. Tim listens to Britt pop {British pop}, as he’s from England, well his parents are and Novo’s into the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and likes the grungy sort of stuff.
Cindy* Who’d have the worst taste of music in the tour van?
Chuckles* Apparently its me cuz I’m into Ugly Kid Joe but I’d say Tim does, he listens to a lot of oasis’s material… but maybe you could choose?
Cindy* ahh I’d go with Tim
Chuckles* {Laughs} Yeah, It’s good to listen to all different styles of music though and have a variety so you’re not all the same or just into one style.
Cindy* So is there any chance of us seeing you guys heading back up Sydney way any time soon!??!?!!??
Chuckles* YES! VERY SOON! We’re going on tour with South Australia’s Seraphs Coal in May. We’re playing at the Sawtell Hotel on the 14th, Port Macquarie RSL on the 15th, Sydney’s Annadale Hotel on the 16th and Frenchs Forrest Yo Yo’s on the 17th.
Cindy* Yay! You’ll be in town for my birthday!
Chuckles* Woohoo party time!
Cindy* What makes you think you’re invited?
Chuckles* Ohhh come on!
Cindy* awww, O.K then you can come. :)
Cindy* O.k do you have any last words for the punters out there?
Chuckles* Last words last words… umm keep smiling! My name is Chuckles, come check us out, it’ll be good to see everyone on our up coming tour I think our Annandale show is linked with the launch of Body Jar’s new single, so come along! ……Oh and –silence-is-weird! :)
Cindy* Alright well thanx heaps for your time!
-Cindy James*