Article By Cindy James Forget About Tomorrow
Article By Cindy James on Jul 9, 2002

1. So what’s the current line-up of Forget About Tomorrow and who plays what in the band?

We have Andy on drums, Damo – Lead Guitar, Dave on rhythms and I (James) on bass and vocals.

2. Where’s the band based?

Central Coast NSW

3. Were you all in a high school band together or did the band form elsewhere?

Yeah we all went to the same school and formed after we all left

4. How long ago was the band formed?

We got together at the beginning of 2001

5. How did the band name come about?

It’s the Lyrics of a New Found Glory song. I heard it and thought it was a cool name, so it stuck

6. What style you would guys categorise your music into?

Melodic-pop punk

7. What would your greatest achievement as a band to-date be?

On our first year together we gained an Osirus sponsorship, with shoes and clothing, as well as being signed to Kingpin records, and about to launch out new single “So naive” out in July.

8. What would some of the musical influences behind F.A.T consist of?

Van Halen, Saves The Day, Midtown, The Ataris, Strung Out

9. Do you guys have any previous releases?

Yeah we have a few other Demos’ but as above, are about to launch a single on kingpin records around July.

10. What 3 bands have you played with in the past?
Something With Numbers, In the Grey and Best Kept Secret

11. What 3 bands would you like to play with in the future?

New Found Glory, Midtown and Saves The Day

12. What was the last gig you went to that you’s didn’t play at?

One Dollar Short, For Amusement Only, Something With Numbers and the Mad Dash at Wyong

13. – C.D you brought?

New Found Glory: Sticks and Stones, and Strung Out – American Paradox

14. All time favourite disc?

Midtown-Living well is the best revenge and saves the world, lose the girl, they’re tied equal

15. Where do you see yourself in 12-18 months?
Having gained a larger built fan base, good CD out and touring.

16. Is there a website we can catch F.A.T on? and

17. O.K thanks heaps for your time!

Thank you!