By Cindy Forgetting Yesterday
Article By Cindy James on Jul 27, 2002

1. So what’s the current line-up of Forgetting Yesterday and who plays what in the band?

We have Laurie on vocals, Liam is on right guitar, Wig on bass Jarrod playing drums and I play left guitar

2. Have you found much support so far with gig venues and fan base support from your hometown of the Central Coast as yet?

Pete: We haven’t really found much support from venues on the coast, through lack of trying really, though for venues, the music scene is a lot bigger in Newcastle and we have found a great deal of support from the Palias, we have found a real strong response from the kids up at Newcastle and they have invited us back on November 1st. As far as fan base on the coast, it’s pretty much all our friends, they come up and cheer us on when ever we play, a HUGE thanks to them, we’d be nothing without them, but our local fan base is building. Unfortunately the Central Coast’s live scene doesn’t cater for All Age events, apart from Wyong where we will be playing on August 16.

3. So was the band formed as a high school group or has the band been formed elsewhere?

Liam, Jarrod and I all go to school together so last August we decided to form a band, we needed a bass player, when we called upon wig, whilst Liam and I were doing a bit of singing at the time, so December came along and I met Laurie through work, we got chattin?and I asked him to come sing for us, that’s when the band really became established

4. Can you give us the storey behind the name ‘Forgetting Yesterday?and how it came about?

Wig: Yeah, I was driving along in my car a while back, thinking about all the things that had happened the previous day when all I really wanted to do was forget them, when I thought? Forgetting Yesterday? that’s a pretty cool name, so I told the guys and they were all keen.

4. What style of music would you guys say you played?
Liam: we’re emo rock with a few pop punk songs branching out to alternate, whilst staying based on punk ethics.

5. What’s the band’s greatest achievement to date?

Pete: Getting invited to play with Bodyjar!
Laurie: Basically for me, getting to where we are now, professionally and musically as band, writing the songs we have and getting our recording down, just being together for this long and still going strong.

6. What would some of the musical influences behind Forgetting Yesterday consist of?

Liam: The Juliana Theory, New Found glory, Sublime, Finch and Dashboard Confessional, Jimmy Eat World, Saves the day and Something With Numbers.

7. Some of your lyrics sound like they come from a really emotional point of view, are they based upon real people and/or experiences or have they all just been a learning curve?

Pete: It varies, I mean, our ‘Better off worse?which is a really emo song, written by us all, It’s inspired by the loss of trust by someone you never thought you would.

Liam: Some of our songs, you start thinking, and write about something that might happen, in which it turns into a storey, after just thinking of it, although there are a few one’s with real stories behind them that have occurred, for instance Better off worse that was written about losing trust with a friend and Laurie being so emo, writing about his girlfriend, she’s helped us along with a lot of lyrics!

8. So with the music do you all just bring your riffs and all into practise or sit around and try and work it all out?

Liam: I usually just make music, I show wig and jarrod, gain their opinion, then with that riff, I’d make a song out of it, show the rest of the guys and if we all like it we just really get into it, once we get the song happening, we just sit down and write some words, Laurie generally focuses on the lyrics, but at times we all sit down and all come up with something.

9. What are 3 bands would you like to play with in the future?

Jarrod: RHCP, led zeppelin, new found glory

Wig: the used, the jealous sound, Thursday

Liam: midtown, finch, saves the day

Laurie: sublime, dashboard confessional, beach boys
Pete: saves the day, the get up kids, fairweather

10. What was the last gig you went to?

Liam: New Found glory, Finch and The Starting Line in England

Wig: something With Numbers, Mad Dash, For Amusement Only and One Dollar Short at Wyong

Pete: Same as Wig

Laurie: I went to church a few months ago and saw a band?as well as school yesterday?
Jarrod: Vans Warped Tour back in April

Laurie: Oh and I saw Craig David live once!

11. ?C.D you brought?

Laurie: Penfold

Pete: New Get Up Kids CD

Jarrod: Sticks and Stones ?New Found Glory

Liam: I brought Finch, from the band back in England

Wig: The Used ?Self-Titled

12. All time favourite disc?

Pete: Saves the Day - Stay what you are

Laurie: Dashboard Confessionals, Places You’ve come to fear the most

Jarrod: Red Hot Chillie Peppers ?Blood Sugar Sex Magic

Wig: Finch ?What it is to burn

Liam: Old school Silverchair ?Frogstomp, but now Saves the Day ?Stay what you are, for sure

Laurie again, I just want to say that I just burnt
Shakera, and that CD is hot on my priority list as well

13. Where do you see yourselves in 12-18 months?

Jarrod: Hopefully somewhere bigger and better than where we are

Pete: Hopefully writing more mature stuff and hopefully touring on a new E.P

Wig: We’d like to be touring with Something With Numbers cuz those guys rock

Liam: I’d like to have some better material out, not writing in one genre of music, having more of a diverse range of listeners buying our albums, not catering for just one crowd.

Laurie: Probably still together, 12-18 months is a fairly long time, we’re going to be out of school by then.
14. Is there a website we can catch Forgetting Yesterday on?


Laurie: - that’s just me though not the band

15. O.K have you got any words to sum up Forgetting Yesterday?

We’re just a group of boys trying to do something with our music, getting out there and seeing the music industry from a different side.

Thanks heaps for your time!
Keep a look out for future recordings and expect something big from these guys in the near future!