French Clock Interview By Betty
French Clock Interview
By Betty
Aug 1, 2002, 20:42

1) How long have French Clock been together?

Basically, about 9 months. Brad (drummer) and myself mucked around a bit before this in his lounge room for a few months-writing songs, last year. So I would say 9 months as a full band!

2) Where does the name come from?

We had a name before hand, then when we got out first bass player Will and we thought it would be fair to all agree on something. Typical story…nobody could come up with something that we all agreed on. It got to the crunch,
and Brad came to us with about 20 band names he had. Eventually we agreed on French Clock. We then asked Brad where he got all the names from, he said “I got it from the Melbourne Cup form guide”. So we are named after a horse.
But the horse has now been put down!

3) How did you guys all meet?

Brad and I went to the same high school and secondary school but never really had much to do with each other. Until we moved down to Melbourne and now we are best friends. After a few months of Brad and I playing in his lounge we needed a bass player. Placed a few ads around at music shops and…wha-la! We meet Will. He decided to move back to his hometown for future commitments after our
third gig and it was impossible to continue. Somehow word got out that we needed a bass player before we got time to tell anybody. Then with the power of the internet, Megan contacted us! Its really weird because Will and Megan
are very alike.

4) What would be your 3 major musical influences?

Early Foo Fighters, Idlewild and early Something for Kate.
I could write a book about influences. I like to listen to anything within reason, as long as the music is true!

5) What is one thing you'd like to change about the
music industry?

We’ve got to weed out all the false music. Girl & boy bands. There is too much money, too much forceful advertising and too much music that all sounds the same! We’ll leave it at that, I can get worked up about this subject…but everybody has their own opinions.

6) Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs time?

I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow let alone in 5 years. People talk about how they have their next 5 years planned out. I think I’ve found the stream in my generation were we kinda take it as it comes. I’d like to think that in 5 years time I’m doing something similar to what I’m doing now…having fun making music or making films!

7) What do you think makes a band stand out from all the

A fresh sound, that KEEPS your attention.

8) What CD releases have you had out? Any in the pipe-line?

We had a 7 – track demo disc we recorded last November called ‘we speak with the left hemisphere’. The title comes from a book I read about a French doctor studying the brain. He was examinating a person that could understand
english but couldn’t speak it phsically. Like our band, understood music and recorded a demo. But nobody had heard us play not even our friends!

We’ve got together another 7 – track demo disc at the moment that people can get from our gigs or via our web page for FREE! It contains 4 tracks from our first demo recordings we did at Bakehouse in Fitzroy/Melbourne. And also three tracks from a live to air we did in June on Melbourne community radio station 3CR 855am.

We hope to do a proper recording soon. We’ve gotten a lot better since the demos. We are writing new songs at the moment that sound different from the rest…more mature.

9) Favourite cast member of Secret Life of Us?

The new blonde haired guy. He’s the gardener guy (can’t remember his name).
I want to go to the laughing classes he went to a few episodes ago. That would be a great start to the day, I love a good laugh.

10) Final thoughts........(On your band, where you're headed, words of wisdom, etc....)
If you like to watch Mick Jagger jumping around on stage and like to listen to a fresh sound(indie-retro-rock) then maybe you should come and see as.
Somebody told me after a gig that we looked like Mick Jagger’s!

11) Website/email details.
It gets updated all the time with news, sound, pics and all that stuff. You can also subscribe to our mailing list for the newest news.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

12) Tell us about the battle of the bands you guys are in at The Evelyn and the filmclip you are making.

Megan entered us into Melb.Uni battle of the bands. I don’t really believe in them…battling for the best. But it should be fun playing with heaps of other bands. We get to play at The Evelyn.

But the film clip. I’m studying Video Productions (RMIT) at the moment. So my final piece will be a music clip. The Evelyn gig will be part of it. We just going to get a whole heap of footage and make a cool looking clip to a new song we have just written. My friend is going to film it and I’m
producing and editing it together. We want to try and get it on the local music shows around at the moment…whatever we can do.

We love playing our music and we’d hope people can enjoy it with us.

***French Clock dates***

Wednesday 7 August @ The Evelyn – As part of Melb.Uni Battle of the bands
Friday 30 August – Town Hall Hotel, Nth Melbourne w/ Fortmary

Free 7-track disc available at all shows and via