Article By Cindy James Frenzal Rhomb
Article By Cindy James on May 28, 2002

This would have to be the most laid back interview I’ve ever completed… strictly about everything BUT music… so if you’re interested then read on, if not then… ummmmm read anyway… I’m sure you’ll find amusing!
Cindy: So going through high school, how do you rate yourself (from 1 to 10) n the ‘geek’ scale? ‘10’ being the highest!?

Lex: Ahh… well I didn’t really do that well, so… me and Jason, we were like “outsiders”, we weren’t geeks, so it was probable sorta around the 2 or 3 level.
Cindy: Were you all a bunch of friends who decided to make a go of it in the music industry, or were you put together by a ‘higher power’?
Lex: You mean like pop stars?
Cindy: Maybe!?
Lex: Nah, well we were a singing and dancing troupe back at high school. They selected us for our good looks and dancing abilities!! Nahh.. We’ve known each other for years!
Cindy: So do you have a fashion prediction for this year coming?
Lex: Well, pants are going to get a so low that we’re just going to be walking round like this [shuffles around the room]. And I think people are going to go for amputation rather than piercings, yeah people are just going to start getting things cut off, and that’ll be the newest “hard thing”
Cindy: Are you going to be the one to start the trend???
Lex: Nahhh I’ll let you!?
Cindy: hahah I wanna keep my limbs…
Cindy: Did you ever hope to make an appearance on “home & away” to set the scene of your cover hit “home & away”?
Lex: We did hope to but got denied at every turn, although last night I met a whole lot of Home & Away stars, plus Brooke Satchwell, used to be on “neighbours”, and that Kimberly from…. Oh, and that c…. from the matrix. I met him as well.
Cindy: Cool where was that at!?
Lex: Oh, you know, my house. Everyone hangs out there.
Cindy: Do you think salt & Vinegar chips do the trick to get past the breathalyser, or is it an urban myth?
Lex: I don’t. Well I hate them – salt & vinegar, yeh. I don’t think it’d work.
Cindy: How about eating one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Lex: Shit that’s a hard question! Oh, I have a compulsion to “Hey Lindsay what would it be?”
Lindsay: Chickpeas or falafel rolls
Lex: Yeah falafel rolls that’s a good one.
Cindy: What was the worst April Fools prank you’ve ever had done to you, or that you’ve done?
Lex: Well, once we more or less killed Lindsay, but he got better, but why wait for April fools Day? To tell the truth, we play pranks more or less every day………. Shoot us another one!
Cindy: They’re comin’… So who’d be your fav spice girl and why?
Lex: Sporty! …. She can sing!
Cindy: And where’d your most craziest gig’ve been played?
Lex: Ah well, at our gig with Pennywise a while back in Sydney someone tried to rip our car apart. We have a Frenzel car, and it’s painted with FREANZAL RHOMB on it… It’s got a kick ass stereo, yeh. We had just parked it out the front of the convert and there was a crowd of about 500 around it and they were trying to rip off the roof racks. It was a nightmare! They even tried to steel our hubcaps. They’d take anything!
Cindy: crazy crazy, I’m gonna finish up with asking where you find your inspiration?
Lex: Ahhhh…. Right here in my pants!
-Cindy James*