by cindy Gyroscope
Article By Cindy James on Jun 13, 2002

Gyroscope are Perth's newest hidden secret, best known for their high energy captivating performances.

Their new 5 track E.P "Take Time" was released through Redline Records with Shaun O'Callaghan (Eskimo Joe, John Butler Trio) from Studio Couch- Freemantle doing the recording. This recording catches the amazing energy punched out through their music and emotionally charged songs this band's produce.

Gyroscope has quite a style on this E.P ranging from the catchy pop punk-up beat tune "Save the Last Match to the more mellow charged "not dead nor dying".
"I've been struck by lightning once... what's the chance of it happening again?" is yet another song that sticks out from this E.P, with band member 'Sanders living to write the tale... He was struck by a lightning volt whilst out on a fishing trip, and the inspiration came from there to produce this quite agressive song.. who can blame him?
Gyroscope have played on the Perth Big Day Out line-up aswell as sharing the stage with Unwritten Law, Millencolin, Eskimo Joe, 28 Days, Bodyjar, Toe to Toe and Sleepy Jackson

For everyone into tunes from Jimmy Eat World, Millencolin, The Alkaline Trio, Bodyjar and Weezer, im sure you'll dig Gyroscope. "Take Time" is out now through Redline Records

“Gyroscope has returned with a fist full of new anthems that are determined to get noticed. After you let your ears experience Gyroscope it will be an experience you are likely to never forget”– X-Press Magazine.