By Cindy James. Irrelevant
Article By Cindy James on May 15, 2002

May 2002

I’m joined here tonight at the City Live night club with both Mick and Dan, from Sydney’s Melodic Hardcore outfit “Irrelevant”.

Cindy: Hey can I grab your names and roles in the band?

Mick: Hey I’m Mick and I play drums

Dan: And I’m Dan, I play guitar

Cindy: Where’s the band based?

Mick: We’re based in Sydney, all over really.

Cindy: How long have you guys been together as a band?

Mick: With our current line-up it’d be about 18 months, but before that the band had been together roughly around two and a half years

Cindy: How did your band name come about?

Mick: Just basically something that didn’t box us into a certain style of music, There are bands that have standard genre names and bands that have hardcore or punk names and we just wanted something totally different that wouldn’t categorise us into a certain style of either.

Cindy: What style of music do you guys play?

Dan: We play melodic hardcore, with loud guitars, and an even mix of melodically sung and screamed vocals.

Mick: We’re just extended from hard-core punk with a lot more melodic influence. We’ve got certain parts where there’s just screaming and then we’ve got our melodic parts as well. They blend in nicely together.

Cindy: What would be some of Irrelevant’s musical influences?

Mick: Well we all have a really varied taste, Ben comes from a metal background. I come from a hard core and a punk background, Dan from a punk background as well. Paul too has a hardcore influence. The other varied styles of music in the band branch from jazz to hip hop to folk and even more of a variety. Everything is an influence be it positive or negative - all styles are an influence. But at the moment, as a band our main influences would be bands such as “Boy Sets Fire”, “Hot Water Music”, “Death by Stereo” and bands like that.

Cindy: You’ve just recorded a new track for the ‘Trial and Error’ compilation, “Prologue to This” so can you tell us what it’s about?

Mick: Basically prologue is a song about everything in your life not mattering up until this point. If you’ve stuffed up in life or made a mistake & things haven’t been the way you like it, there’s always a point, whether it be today or tomorrow that you can always change those things. To start over new and kick things off again. It’s about starting over fresh and new and how we are bound to our past but only as much as we let ourselves be.

Cindy: Do you guys have any previous recordings?

Dan: “Need for Divinity”, which was out on Resist. That was released in the year 2000, but is out of press now. And “Reflecting and Refracting” also out on ‘Resist’ which is still currently available.

Mick: Yeah it came out nearly 12 months ago and still selling strong.

Cindy: Do you have any future recording plans in sight?

Mick: We’re writing pretty solidly at the moment, trying to get some tracks down and new stuff happening, and definitely hope to record by the end of the year. It’d be great to have a full length out sometime this year also.

Cindy: Have there been any record labels you have been keeping your eye on lately or hoping to get a signed contract deal with?

Mick: Well all our previous releases have come out on ‘Resist’who have been really good to us, but if interest comes our way, we’ll be quite happy to look into it though nothing’s really come up as of yet.

Cindy: What are 3 bands you have shared the stage with in the past?

Dan: I think one of the biggest and best bands we have played with would be with the One Dollar Short guys. Also doing the Grade tour was unbelieve. To actually meet an influential band in your life and get the chance to tour with them was a good experience. Include Mindsnare from Melbourne; now there’s another awesome band.

Mick: Yeah, definitely Grade from Canada, we really really liked their music long before they came out and it was a pretty crazy to tour with them. I mean, a band we’ve looked up to for so long then been given the chance to tour and hang out with them for 2 weeks in our own country, our city, it was really cool to take them out, show them the sites, it was awesome.

Cindy: Having the accomplishment of already playing with one of your biggest influences are there 3 other bands you’d like to share the stage with in the future?

Mick: Yeah definitely, heaps of bands, I’d love to play with “Boy Sets Fire” and “Hot Water Music” They are some of our influences so we’d be honoured to play with those bands. Every time we play with One Dollar Short we have a rad time. They are all just top guys and we all get on really well and have a ball. We’re really looking forward to touring with them this coming month so that should be good.

Cindy: Would you say ‘Dollar Short’ have been a big influence on you in many ways?

Mick: Oh yeah definitely. With those guys, they tour hard, they record hard and they put everything into their music, they’re always pushing and taking everything to new levels, I know with their new record that’s due for release shortly there are a few songs on that, that actually blew me away. I just didn’t expect the way some of the new songs have a whole different feel, it blew me away. I really expected a lot of the songs to be similar to their others, but at the same time the songs aren’t far removed from their old stuff yet on the other hand it is. You can see that there is really a lot of thought and practice gone into their music. Definitely inspiring!

Cindy: Is there just one band member that focuses on writing the music and lyrics in the band or is it a shared job?

Mick: Lyrics you’d have to put down to Damon for sure. I wrote some lyrics off the first E.P, not a great deal though only about one song. Ben writes most of the guitar parts and bass parts, he brings them in, once we’re all in the room we all arrange it, we throw up ideas to see what works. But yeh Ben definitely puts a lot of effort into the guitar side of things.

Cindy: What would’ve been the last gig you went to?

Dan: “Not for You” at Club 77

Mick: Yeah, Not for You and “Restraint” from Sydney, there’s no melodic stuff like we do as it’s all just straight out hardcore.They’re really good. A worthwhile band to check out.

Cindy: How about the last C.D you bought?

Dan: It was a ‘Rival Schools’ CD

Mick: And I brought the new ‘Thrice’ CD.

Cindy: O.K, you’re on stage in front of 5,000 people and are asked to play a cover song, what cover song would you chose to play?

Mick: “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol

Cindy: Where do you both see the band in 12-18 months time?

Mick: Hopefully doing mostly the same, touring a lot more, recording and playing a lot. We’d really like to take the next step and make our playing become a full time thing as we get a lot of satisfaction out of it and it’s fun. Hopefully a new album out and having toured more of Australia.

Dan: Taking One Dollar Short on tour supporting us.

Mick: {laughs} Nar I think we’ll still be supporting them…

Cindy: Is there a website we can find more about IRRELEVANT on?

Mick: Yeah we have a new web site coming up there and will be a link to that on our current page . Our new one should be up with in the next few weeks or so…

Cindy: And do you have any last words to sum up ‘Irrelevant’?

Mick: Basically we LOVE what we’re doing and love playing live, and hopefully on this upcoming tour we’ll be playing to bigger crowds who haven’t heard us before. We hope others will get as much satisfaction out of our music as we do as everyone in the band really gets into it and when the crowd does so as well it gives us a totally different vibe and more inspiration.

Cindy: O.K well thanks so much for your time and we can’t wait to catch you guys on the One Dollar Short tour in May, so everyone get out and check your local gig guides for tour dates.