By Cindy Last Years Hero
Article By Cindy James on Sep 2, 2002



  1. So what’s the current line-up of Last Years Hero and who plays what in the band?



Well there’s me Ryan Sloan – Vocals, Cam Edwards – Bass, Mike Lindhorst – Lead Guitar, Mike Wilson – Rhythm Guitar and Ivano Rizzacasa – Drums.


  1. Being a power/punk rock band, how did you find the Perth Scene to originally respond to your music, was there already a fan created over there or did you have to find alternate measures to break into the scene?


Well we were lucky in one respect because we had been in the scene for at least 3 years under the name Ballpoint. Although the band then played nothing like what we play now it still created enough of a reputation and enough hype to carry over to last years hero. We played a lot of supports as Ballpoint and played at every venue possible (All ages and 18+) to ensure that every Perth punk heard our music… It was definetly a great foundation for us as last years hero, no ground work necessary everything was already in place!


  1. Were you all in a high school band together or did the band form elsewhere?

Well I was in 3 high school bands, we played in the vein of Weezer… I was a huge Weezer fan and dreamed of some day becoming Rivers Cuomo all those bands were just garage bands we used to rock out at my best friends house dreaming of one day being famous. The rest of the guys were in little projects jamming out covers of Millencolin and Blink and all the high school favourites, the things we do eh!!!


  1. How long ago did that all happen?

    Well I got my first bass when I was in about Year 8/9 so I about that time was when I first had the idea of starting a band of course I couldn’t play for shit and no-one else in the band could either but it was a start! Mike L. he’s been playing guitar for over a decade so he is an extremely talented musician the rest of the boys have all been playing for about 6-7 years!!!

  2. What was the influence and inspiration behind the band
    transfering from the hardcore outfit "Ballpoint" to the awesome power punk stream of "Last Years Heros"?

    Ummm I was one of the main reasons for that...... we were playing melodic HC in ballpoint and i was listening to stuff like Juliana Theory and NFG and so on.... and I was just bored with playing what we were playing. I said to the boys one day I think it would be a better carreer choice if we changed our style and thats how we got to what we are playing now!!!


  1. How did the name ‘Last Years Hero’ come about?


I wish we had some whacky story about how this came about, it would make this answer a hell of a lot more interesting but the sad fact is there isn’t one! I think it was just a name that popped into Mikes L’s head, he was just chilling at home and were in dire need of a name and something started ticking over and before we knew it that’s the decision we came to… the name had a certain ring to it and in an eerie and somewhat coincidental way It referred to our last band ballpoint, because we had built that band into something relatively big for Perth… and no it was all over making us last years hero!!!


  1. You guys have played on some awesome line-ups, especially with some hot international artists like Unwritten Law, Millencolin and Guttermouth. Would you rate any of these shows as a greatest – achievement- to date or do you have some other goodies in the bag?


I think Millencolin was the best show we have played…. Not because of the way we played or performed but more because of the lasting memory. We finished up the show and headed to a nearby club with Mattias and Larson, we spent hours on end teaching them Aussie culture, sharing sordid stories about girls and getting absolutely pissed!!! They introduced us to the messy world of Vodka and Red Bull and forced us to endure pack upon pack of Swedish cigarettes!!! To top that off I had a wrestle with Mattias at scarborough beach (in the water, in our underwear) at about 5:00am. That was an occasion I’ll never forget.


  1. What would some of the musical influences behind Last Years Hero consist of?


We are big fans of New Found Glory, Simple Plan, Mest, Midtown, The Starting Line etc… These would have to be our biggest influences. But on the other hand there’s nothing better than spending a hung over Sunday morning listening to something like The Rocking Horse Winner or Further Seems Forever… Our tastes are broad I’m still an old softy for bands like Hatebreed and Poison the Well too, everything has its time and place.


  1. Can you tell us a bit about the two demos you guys have so far recorded and if there is any future pressing of the disc or new recording plans insight?


The two demos were recorded because we had some interest coming from a couple of major labels, they were pretty much recorded in a hurry as we were naïve and we just thought that with a product we could sell ourselves to these labels and before we knew we would be signed. Little did we realise that things work a little differently in the real world and even though we got a foot in the door a lot more work would be needed to get anywhere near a contract like they might offer. The demos still created the hype we needed and broke down barriers, a hell of a lot of people got to hear them in either mp3 format or on the disc itself or on Tension Vacation (Bodyboarding Video). Since then we have recorded our debut EP we spent a month at one of Perth’s premier studios and spent a whole heap of cash trying to get the best recording possible, which I have no doubt we succeeded in getting. The EP came out better than we would ever had of imagined and has so far been dealt with shit loads of praise and really positive feedback, it’s titled “Start Over” and will be out Nationally Oct. 7 through Below Par Records/Inertia distribution.


  1. Do you guys have any on/off stage antics whilst on tour?


On Stage we just go fuckin’ crazy….. we’re by no means one of those bands that just takes it easy and has a nice relaxed set. We go Nuts…. Imagine something along the lines of NFG’s live show and that should paint a picture in your head, our music has plenty of energy and deserves a killer live show to go with it!!! Off stage we enjoy Drinking heavily… well on stage too!! Chatting up ladies and on occasions breaking small objects, nothing that we will regret later though. Cam has a strange fetish of getting kicked out of clubs by bouncers….. It must be like a discipline thing.


  1. *5 Quick questions
    - Boxers or Briefs?  Boxers… unless you expect some action that night sexy briefs may do the trick.

- 1 chosen food to consume for the rest of your life? Indian


-         Fast driving or cruisin’? Crusin’ for sure!!

Piercings or tattoos? As a band a bit of both…. Me personally piercings although I luv tough stickers.

Moshing, skankin’ or watching? Moshing.


  1. What are 3 bands on your ‘ultimate’ list you would like to play along side in the future?


New Found Glory, Mest, The Starting Line.


  1. Awesome choice!!! What was the last gig you went to you guys didn’t play at?




  1. C.D you brought?


The Starting Line “Say it like you mean it”.


  1. All time favourite disc?

          Millencolin, "Life on a Plate" and Adhesive "From left to Right"


Where do you see yourself in 12-18 months?


Still touring around this great country of ours…. Selling lots of CD’s recording our debut Album…. And just enjoying the one in a million opportunity we have to play what we love and make a career out of it.


  1. Is there a website we can catch Last Years Hero on?


The website is about to go up!!! Its will be at

Also go and check out our labels site at


O.K have you got any words to sum up Last Years Hero?


Last years hero, are a band that anyone can fall in love with, our music is full of everything that any fan of pop/punk would luv and our live show is second to none.

It’s all about fun, there’s enough shit going on in peoples lives to have to listen to music that’s depressing…. We make sure that after a listen or two you’re left with a smile on your face.


Thanks heaps guyz! Can’t wait to catch you’s on tour over here – Cindy


Thanks Cindy….. we’ll definely see u when we come over east in Oct/Nov.