MUTA INTERVIEW (Answered by Grant Kaplan). Muta
Article By Cindy James on May 27, 2002

MUTA INTERVIEW (Answered by Grant Kaplan)

Cindy: Hey Grant, So what’s the current line-up for Muta- who plays what in the band?

Grant: Grant Kaplan - Vocals
Mark Bennedick. – Guitar
Matt Heath. – The other guitar
Adrian Shapiro. – Bass
Christopher Burns. – Drums
Cindy: How long have Muta been together?
Grant: We got together mid 1998, but the current line up is only 1 month old, with Matt H. just joining the band.
Cindy: And how did the band name come about?
Grant: I was sitting under an apple tree when but one of its many ripened fruits did fall upon my cranium and permeate the word ‘Muta’ deep into my conciousness
Cindy: Where are you guys based?
Grant: Sydney

Cindy: What style of music would you say you guys played?
Grant: Pseudo-punk-rock
Cindy: What would some of the influences behind Muta consist of?
Grant: The unquenchable urge to ROCK
Cindy: After winning the “Jim Beam Rock Xposed” competition late last year have you found any rise in your success or other opportunities arise?
Grant: No
Cindy: Can you tell us about the prizes you scored?
Grant: We got the opportunity to put a single on the next planet X music compilation, a small amount of money for recording and a fucking ugly custom Jim Beam-Gibson guitar.
Cindy: Did you use the recording budget towards your new E.P?
Grant: Yes
Cindy: And who scored the Gibson Guitar?
Grant: We sold it and used the money for recording and a face lift for Mark.

Cindy: Your 2nd E.P release, “Friends, Lies and Alibis” has just been released (May), can you tell us a bit more about this E.P and if there’s going to be a string of shows to follow?
Grant: We recorded it live over two days at 301 recording studios and we’re all really happy with the result. We’re currently doing shows all around Sydney to promote the E.P and will be heading up to Brisbane soon and then hopefully Melbourne.
Cindy: Will this E.P be picking up from where your first E.P “Safe in the shadow of Doubt” left off?
Grant: Ummmmm…..Yes
Cindy: What bands are influences behind MUTA?
Grant: Any music we listen to has some resounding
influence on the music we make.
Cindy: What track will we find on the PLANET X compilation out later this year??
Grant: Not too sure as of yet if it will be a track from our new E.P or if we will record a single specifically for the compilation.
Cindy: What C.D would we find in your stereo at the moment?
-was that your most recent C.D of purchase?
Grant: I’ve been listening to the new Something for Kate album, though my most recent album purchase was Bad Religion 80 – 85 (Better late then never!)
Cindy: On tour, do you guys have any on-stage-or off, antics yet?
Grant: It’s a long hard road, we try to get a good amount of sleep, eat well and avoid road kill.
Cindy: You have recently scored a Wednesday night residency at popular Sydney nightspot, Club 77, Tell us how those gigs went, and did any more opportunities open up out of it?
Grant: They were all great fun, though people aren’t that keen to make it out mid-week. I cant blame them, work takes a heavy toll on our will to live.
Cindy: What are 3 bands you have played with in the past?
Grant: The Ataris, The Drugs, Front End Loader
Cindy: Ultimate 3 bands you’d love to play a gig with in the future?

Grant: Social Distortion, Bad Religion, The Descendants….but that’s just me!
Cindy: A band you’ve had the most fun playing a gig with?
Grant: We have fun with all bands great and small
Cindy: What was the last gig you went to?
Grant: The Dirty Three @ The Metro
Cindy: Where do you guys see yourselves in 12-18 months time?
Grant: Recording an album, going into more debt and straining friendships
Cindy: Is there a website we can find out more about Muta on?
Grant: should be up next week… at the moment

Cindy: Any last words to sum up Muta?
Grant: We’re all a bunch of nice fellows who care deeply about the band and its image and are mortified when we hear references to Muta and parts of the female anatomy.
Cindy: O.K thanks heaps Grant
Grant: Thanks Cindy