By Cindy New School Hero
Article By Cindy James on Sep 30, 2002


1. So what’s the current line-up of New School Hero and who plays what in the


Alex plays lead guitar and back up vocals, Shane plays the bass and screams
randomly, Dempsey sings, Adrian plays guitar and Elliott plays drums

2. Rising out of Qld’s Gold Coast, ripping up the stage along side high profile International artists such as Sum 41, Lucky 7 and Guttermouth in support of your debut release, did you find any eventuation into further support from your home town with gig venues, promotions etc?

if you mean did our home town support us??? Yeah they’ve all been awesome and alot of people in the Brisbane area to have helped us to come along way!

3. Were you all in a high school band together or did the band form elsewhere?

No actually me and Dempsey went to the same high school but we are all from different parts of the gold coast except Adrian who lived in south brisbane

4. How long ago did that all happen?

New School Hero first formed in late august 2000 so weve been going for just over 2 years or so now.

6. How is the music scene on the Gold Coast? Is there a big market that caters for the alternate punk rock style you guys perform?

Hmmm…its pretty great but its definantly more a scene for the over 18 crowd there is not too much support for all ages shows around which kinda sucks

7. What would your greatest achievement as a band to-date be?

Um that’s a tough one, I think doing the film clip has been a great achievement it was a real thrill staying up till 2 in the morning to watch it on rage haha I paid for in the next day…

8. What would some of the musical influences behind New School Hero consist of?

We are influenced by many genres which I believe gives us a slightly more original sound we like bands from old rock to a bit of hip hop theres some ska influences, metal influences pop influences were all really open minded which helps when it comes to writing songs.

9. Your debut E.P “4 Months Later” was released in the Year 2000 on Cordless Records, has this CD been distributed through out stores in Australia and is it still available for purchase?

Theres still a few left in the odd shop around the country if you look really hard but no we have pretty much sold out of that cd and no more will be made.

10. Can you tell us a bit about your new E.P that's just been released? 

The Ep has 5 rocking songs that will make you fell warm and fuzzy inside…err and its available now at all good music stores. The disc also has a multimedia section on it, with a film clip, screen saver, wallpaper, photos and more!

11. Any ideas for a title?

We couldn’t agree on any, so a self titled album it is!

12. *5 Quick questions

- Boxers or Briefs?  Boxers….cotton ones

- A chosen food to consume for the rest of your life? Coco Pops

- Fast driving or cruisin? Im on my learners so I cant say haha

- Piercings or tattoos? I don’t care much for either of them

- A Fashion prediction for 2003? Hyper colour t-shirts are coming back baby!

13. What are your ultimate 3 bands to play along side in the future?

P.O.D, Nine Days, Chilli Peppers

14. What was the last gig you went to that the band didn’t play at?

Antiskeptic CD Launch…awesome band

15. – C.D you brought?

Taking back Sunday – tell all your friends

16. All time favourite disc?

Nine Days – The Maddening Crowd

17. Where do you see yourself in 12-18 months?

Looking for new work…

18. Is there a web site we can catch New School Hero on?

O.K have you got any words to sum up New School Hero?

Come to a show and find out what nsh are all about…word!