By Cindy No Through Road
Article By Cindy James on Oct 25, 2002


No Through Road

  1. Being a solo artist, how have you found breaking into your local scene?


I wouldn’t say that I have really broken into my ‘local scene’.  I was in a band before called 5!NYTK that kinda helped me do that before, but it really only made us known among a small group of people who sort of form the indie lo-fi group of Adelaide, which is a great group of people.  I am in that group and they are mostly my friends but I don’t really think my music has penetrated any other ‘scene’ around town.  There are so many and they are all very close knit and very well defined to what they do.


  1. Where abouts' are you based?


I guess that would be Adelaide.


  1. What was your inspiration/motivation to jump into the music industry?


I wanted to play music because I love it and I love attempting to make it.  For years I just wrote songs in my bedroom and never really let anyone hear them but after gaining some confidence about performing through the band I played with I finally felt people might like to hear my stuff and so I started playing solo.  Right now I am making a pretty hard attempt to get some sort of record or distrobution deal somewhere, Italy being the most positive so far.  I am doing this now because for one; my days as a student are over and I really need to kinda get a job or something and I have a lot of spare time to do stuff.  I want to give this music thing a shot and  see if I get lucky.  I don’t want to have any regrets about it when im 40.  I really believe in myself at the moment in terms of being a song writer and I am really proud of some of the songs I have written.  I get good responses from a lot of different people and I would like to see if I could get this on a broader basis.


  1. How did the naming ‘No Through Road’ come about?


The name sounds a little wanky at times but heres the story.  I was coming home from seeing a guy who calls himself ‘Home For The Def’ (great musician) and I was liking the idea of solo artists giving themselves a band name.  I never really thought my name was that interesting.  I was going to play my first ever solo show the following night for which I was being billed as Matt Banham.  I didn’t really like that.  My friend and I came across a No Through Road sign lying on the footpath and I took it home.  I decided I would call myself No Through Road by taking this sign along with me to the show and putting it on a chair next to me calling it my band.  I liked this idea and the name stuck after that.  Its also good cause there are already heaps of poster/signs up everywhere for my band paid for by the councils of Adelaide.


  1. Pigeon holing yourself, What style of music you would guys categorise yourself into?


This is great! I love to pigeon hole myself, and I hate people who claim they can’t.  I would say that my music falls very well into Folky pop, with a definite slant towards the loser sad and slow side.


  1. What would your greatest achievement musically, to-date be?


Being in a band and being approached by AMP to play a show in Adelaide to promote the federation of South Australia and then being kicked of stage for allowing a small girl in the audience to play drums with us.  That show was a lot of fun and ridiculous.  AMP somehow thought we were a good ‘professional’ band and that we would put on a good show.  I think they were pretty surprised when they found out that we really sucked, but in a good way I think.


  1. What are some of your musical influences?


Originally it was Brit-pop stuff but as I grew older and sadder I really started to get into Elliott Smith and from there listened to anything I could find which made me feel bitter or sad.  This included Bright Eyes, Palace Brothers, Weezer, Catpower, Smog, etc.  I also got quite into lo-fi or interesting production type stuff and became quite obsessed with Sparklehorse and any other bands who like to play around with sounds.  My good friend ‘Home For The Def’ has been a great influence in that field teaching me a lot of stuff about production ‘on the cheap’ and how to make the best with what you have.


  1. Can you tell us a little bit about your previous release (s)?


I released 3 cds with my former band 5!NYTK which were all a bit quirky and very pop.  We had 2 main song writers, me and my friend Cuchulain, and we both wrote lots and lots of pop songs that we played and recorded.  We broke up about a year ago after recording 100 songs for a new album which may never see the light of day, but I hope it does cause it will be damn good.  My first solo cd ‘of nothing in particular’ I recorded on 4-track in my bedroom when I was still in my old band.  I felt that a lot of my songs didn’t really suit my band and I still wanted people to hear them.  The album was pretty short and miserable.  I don’t really like it much anymore, I think its way too self indulgent and patchy, the lo-fi elements are kinda cool though.  I think that my ep I made, ‘101 ways to kill myself’ is much better and I am very proud of it.


  1. Do you have any future recording plan insight?


Yes I hope to.  I will continue to record stuff by myself if I can fix my brothers 4-track.  I have a few friends that I really want to record with and make music with because I think they are uber-talented and it helps so much to have someone else mess around with your own songs so it sounds a bit different and not so samey all the time which I think a lot of my songs do.


  1. What 3 musical acts have you played with in the past?


The most famous of these would be Wagons, Racheal Cooper and Jason Sweeney from PBXO and Sweet William.  But the best non-famous ones would be Home For The Def, Baterz, and LeighStarDust.


  1. What 3 outfits would you like to play with in the future?


I wanna play a show with ‘Matt’s Little Brother’, ‘Home For The Def’ again and of course I would love to support any of my heroes probably Bright Eyes the most.


  1. What was the last show you went to?


I went to see ‘Trail of Dead’ and ‘Mogwai’ play.  I love Trail of Dead and their show was amazing.  So much energy.  I was a bit too tired by the time Mogwai came on but they sounded kinda nice.


  1. – C.D you brought?


Umm.  It was Adam Green’s new solo album.  He is the guy from the Moldy Peaches.  It’s a great album.  Kimya Dawson the girl has also got one out that sounds really good but I havnt got that yet.


  1. All time favourite disc?


That is way to hard to answer but I’ll give you a few that I can think of now. 

Weezer – Pinkerton

Bright Eyes – Fevers and Mirrors

Elliott Smith – Elliott Smith

Sparklehorse – Good Morning Spider

Elvis Costello – Brutal Youth

Catpower – Moon Pix


Smog’s – Wild Love


These will all be different by tomorrow except for Pinkerton that is one of the best Rock albums ever.  Amazing.  I don’t know why I didn’t put any Beatles albums in there.  I guess I’m just not in a Beatles kind of mood today.



  1. Where do you see yourself in 12-18 months?


Probably teaching English in Japan.  But it would be really cool if I had a great album out that made me super rich and super famous.  But that just aint gonna happen. Oh well, I do like Japan though.


  1. Is there a website we can catch No Through Road on?


The only website I have is which is just a mp3 site where you can download heaps of my songs.  It’s worth checking out though.


O.K have you got any words to sum up No Through Road?


Sad loser music for anyone who has been or empathised with a sad loser at anytime during their lives.  And I apologise in advance for my voice.


Thanks Cindy.