By Cindy One Dollar Short
Article By Cindy James on Jun 8, 2002

One Dollar Short

Cindy: So what’s the current line-up for One Dollar Short?
Trent: O.K, Michael Lawrance Smith on drums, Trent David Crawford plays guitar and backing vocals, Adam Graham Check plays bass guitar and screams, Scott Edward Woods plays the vocals and for live stuff we have Daniel Dailey on guitar and backing vocals.

Cindy: And where is the band based?
Trent: Central Coast Australia
Cindy: This coming on your 4th year together do you feel your musical influences has branched out as the band has progressed?
Scott.E: Yeah definitely, I mean it’s got a totally different song writing style compared to the pop punk style when we originally started and it’s what we feel is a bit more creative and diverse. We like it.
Trent: There’s a bit more rock on it, it’s not so pop punk anymore, it’s like branched away from the traditional cartoons and chalkboard style.
Cindy: What were some of the original influences behind the creation of One Dollar Short?
Scott.E: Well the “Desendants”, they were a huge influence on me, all their songs were awesome all heaps poppy and catchy pretty much what got me into wanting to be in a band, and “face to face”, when we did “face to face” covers and “down by law”, “Nofx”, “59 times the pain”, just branched from the covers we did.
Mick: Yeah I’d also have to say a bit of Nofx, Strungout, Lagwagon.
Trent: Yeah mine’d be nothing like that, I’d say Lagwagon, Strungout and Nofx
Cindy: How did the band name come about?
Scott.E: Funny storey, I used to go shopping in the Salvation Army for old grandpa golf shorts for a dollar, we bought them all the time, just one dollar shorts and drop the s .
Cindy: Some of your lyrics sound like they come from a really emotional point of view, are they inspired by real people and if so, anyone in particular?
Scott.E: They’re all true. All based on real people and real feelings, especially on this album is all heaps more personal and honest and they’re all from real life experiences and people.
Cindy: You’re just about to jet set off on a major tour with local Sydney siders “Irrelevant” in support of your debut album ‘Eight Days Away’. Will this tour be bringing the band to places you haven’t yet ventured or are you’s sticking to the East Coast route?
Scott.E: No we’re going to a whole stack of places we haven’t yet been, like Rockhampton and Bunderberg, we’re going to a few regional areas we haven’t been to before so it should be interesting.
Mick: Yeah Darwin’s definatley going to be a highlight, we’ll be packing our cowboy hats
Cindy: Visiting Scotts mum?
Mick: Yeh we’re definatley stopping by there
Cindy: I remember hearing you guys on a compilation which featured a few of your tracks along side Agent Felix, Lucky 7 and Whoopee cushion a lil while ago called “Collect All 4”. Can you tell us a bit about how this compilation came about?

Scott.E: It was basically through chit-chat over the Internet with guys from Agent Felix, they heard some of our stuff on MP3 and wrote to us saying they loved it. They organised it pretty much and just asked us if we were keen and they took it from there basically.
Cindy: Has there been one song or artist that has inspired you either personally or musically in the past? If so, who might’ve it been any why?
Scott.E: I think the Decendants they were pioneering the whole angst, old skool ideal punk rock they were sort of playing the whole cross over melodic pop punk stuff, catchy as, that were my original influence where as now I’m into the Dashboard Confessionals they just rock my world, It’s like poetry, their music is so passionate, like, that’s where it’s at I mean im not even into sort of traditional pop punk anymore.
Cindy: Touring- do you guys have any on stage or off stage antics?
Trent: Yeah mine would be Kasey Chambers ammm I not pretty enufff??
Mick: Would’ve been for me, Dave Lombardo, a bit of slayer drumming, definatley inspired me.
Cindy: Just coming hot off the Vans Warped Tour playing along side many big named acts like New Found Glory, The Vandals and The Mighty Mighty Bostones, did the band make any new buddies or future tour plans whilst on the road?
Scott.E: Yeah! We made heaps of new friends, hung out with heaps of the guys, we did with New Found Glory
Trent: Yeah Blueline Medic were awesome, Body Jar were cool
Mick: But we new Bodyjar before the tour
Trent: Yeah on the tour we had a bus, and there were mostly the aussie bands on there like 7 of us, we got to hang out with all of them, it was just like being back at school really, just with beer on the bus.

Cindy: Is that over in the states or are they coming back out here?
Scott.E: When they come back out here, possible September, should be sweeet.
Cindy: What’s your top 3 C.D’s in your collection?
Mick: The latest hot Rod Circuit C.D taking back Sunday “Tell all your Friends” and Saves the Day “Stay what you are”
Trent: ohhhh I’m gonna be original here and say Saves the day “Stay what you are” “Taking back Sunday” and the new “Hot rod circuit”
Scott.E: Further Seems Forever, Dashboard Confessional and Hot Rod Circuit
Mick: Trent and I are really different when it comes to music, yeh we can’t get into the same stuff.
Cindy: Any of them a most recent purchase?
Scott.E: Yep Hot Rod Circuit
Cindy: Last gig you went to?
Scott.E: It was actually the Grounded Festival in Penrith, it seemed like a mega long day cuz we weren’t playing it was really weird
Cindy: Your debut album is set for release on May 13. Will this album be released anywhere overseas or is it only an Australian release at this stage?
Scott.E: There has been interest from certain companies in America, it looks like we’ve got a Japanese deal aswell.
Cindy: Where would be the place you’d love to tour most if ever the chance to tour over seas?

Scott.E: Either of those places that are interested either Japan or America, cuz they’re so densly populated and I mean, there’s so many places to play over there.
Mick: For me, It’d be the West Coast of the U.S.A
Trent: Yeah Sandiago
Cindy: How many singles are you anticipating to release off this c.d?
Scott.E: There’s definatley two but I think there might be two, or two singles and 3 video clips I don’t know if the 3rd is going to be a video clip and single
Cindy: Can you drop any hints to which the 2nd single might be?
Scott.E: Yeah I think it’s the full emo one “10 years” that’s the next single, like last weekend we recorded two b sides, an old one “silver spoons” which turned out really well and a cover of Kasey Chambers the “Not pretty enough” song, I really like that song, the cover sounds so good I wish I had written it now.
Cindy: Being sponsored by SMP clothing and etnies shoes must be beneficial for you guys, how did these endorsement come about?
Scott.E: Smp, we played a snow boarding video launch at Bar Browdway and the team manager of smp gave me his card and said to “give him a call” so I gave him a call, we went in and he just said for us to deck ourselves out and etnies- well we were originally endorsed by osirus and etnies were keen, we just ended up going with etnies we get all free clothes and shoes it’s kinda cool we get to save lots of money and yeah it’s sick.

Trent: Yeh it’s sweet I haven’t brought anything for ages
Cindy: And is there a website we can catch you guys on?
Mick: Yeah it’s
Cindy: Alright thanks heaps for your time
-Cindy James
May 22nd 2001