Interview By Cindy James Peekhour
Article By Cindy James on Jun 23, 2002


So what`s the current line up of Peekhour? Bud – Bass/vox, Steve – guitar/vox and Roycy – drums/crockery/vox.

And where are you guys from? Terrigal, NSW Australia.

When did you guys get together? In the summer of 2000

How did the band name come about? We were thinking of band names once, driving to our favourite restaurant “KFC”, everything on the road started going crazy, just like three hungry punkers in a datto. There were cars, trucks, buses, taxi`s, tits and arse everywhere, when roycy (our drummer) said “this is The Ultimate Peekhour” and I said, “that would be a classic band name”. Just messing around, it kinda stuck, later being shortened to “Peekhour”.
So unfortunately our true band name isn’t up to the ‘emotional punk’ standard, and doesn`t really have much of a meaning – sorry! ‘Not that I have anything against ‘emo’; we just wouldn’t like to advertise the fact, even if we we’re real emotional bastards’.

So what style do you guys play? We have a melodic punk/pop/rock sound.

And what would your greatest achievement as a band be? To date, probably being featured on the soon to be released ECP Records compilation “High Rollers”, amongst others such as One Dollar Short, At.The.Drive-In, Whippersnapper, Slick Shoes, Dynamite Boy, Deviates, Big Wig, Long Beach Dubs etc etc. It’s going to be an all-time release and we are stoked to be apart of it.

What would some of the musical influences behind ‘Peekhour’ consist of? Growing up – our influences being Bad Religion/PW/NOFX/Sublime.
Peekhour’s influenced by One Dollar Short, The Ataris, Bodyjar, FAO, Slick Shoes.

Do you guys have any previous releases or future recording plans in sight? We are currently recording our debut e.p. Titled “Ocean View Drive”, the release date has been set to September this year. We also have a 2-track demo out titled “drunk punk”.

What 3 bands would you like to play with in the future? The punk rock hall of fame. But for now we wanna play with ourselves NA! Would love to play with FAO, Bodyjar, ODS or Something With Numbers.

What was the last gig you guys went to? ODS/ Irrelavant at the Beachcomber, Toukley and the almighty Warped Tour at Dee Why.

What was the last CD you brought? The Ataris – end is forever, Rufio – perhaps, I suppose… FAO – where did we go wrong, Holly Valence – she’s our rock goddess.
Other good tunes that have been rotating in the stez lately are: the new Deviates (so much better than the previous release), Whippersnapper – America’s favourite pastime.

Where do you see yourself in 12-18 months? In Jail -but hopefully not, we hope to be playing big shows and actually headlining them. We also hope to sell a ton of our debut e.p. “Ocean View Drive” which, as I said before, is due in September.

O.K. have you got any words to sum up “Peekhour”? We are young, fun, loving alcoholics. So come to, the site shall be finished soon.

Sweet thanks guys! Thanks cinds