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Article By Cindy James on Mar 7, 2003


With Paul Fahy, Ben Thomas & Grant Bruen from QuarterMile

So what’s the current line up of QuarterMile and who plays what in the band?


[Paul] At the moment Ben is on the drums, Grant is on guitar / vocals and I am on guitar and vocals. We are currently auditioning for a new bass player to replace our old masterbasser Peter, and have not reached a final decision.

Where’s the band based?

[Ben] Paul’s from Cammeray in North Sydney, im from Hunter’s Hill in Sydney and Grant is from Port Maquarie on New South Wales’ beautiful coastline so we’re from pretty much all around the show.

[Paul] We write and practice our songs in a small, smelly, windowless room (lair) under my house! But at least we can make as much fucken noise as we want!

Were you all in a band together at high school or did the band form elsewhere?

[Paul] We’re actually all still at school, but there’s a pretty long and fuct-up story about how we arrived at the line up we have now so I’ll give it to you as brief as I can.

Grant and myself have been good friends for years and have kind of grown up just jamming together but we never got ourselves into any bands or anything till December / January 2001, 2002. I had just come back into contact with an old friend James who played drums and was keen to start a band so I organized for us to record a demo EP at Zen Recording Studios in St Peters, Sydney. We did the demo and it really sucked! But we didn’t realize it at the time so we just kept it going for six months or so until we woke up to ourselves. James and myself then started another band called First Initial with a friend of Jai from Below Par Records called Shaun who is a wicked guitarist. We recorded an EP titled ‘Not Another boy Band EP’ in June and then took a two-week break from everything for a rest. It was during this so called ‘rest-time’ that James got really sick and had to move back home to Wagga Wagga, NSW where his family lived so we were once again left a member short. I then went to work to find another drummer for First initial to join Shaun and myself and was about to give up when I met Ben at a stage production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. We discussed the idea and we both decided he was the one for the job.

 We canned the old EP and went to work on new material which is now known as ‘The Smiles & Frowns EP’ named after the horrible process I have been through to find guys that I get along with good enough to write music with. We recorded the EP in early January this year and things have pretty much happened from there. Shaun left the band in February and I called up my old mate Grant to come and pick up his old guitar and join ‘QuarterMile’ and here we are!

How long have QuarterMile been playing together for?

[Ben] Paul and I have been jamming together for about six or seven months but Grant has only been with us for about a month.

How did the band name come about?

[Paul] This is a good one! I was watching ‘The Fast & The Furious’ one day and I just picked up on one of Dom’s (Vin Diesel) lines which is "I live my life a QuarterMile at a time, nothing else matters" for some reason I just felt that the band had to be called QuarterMile, so I told Ben and we agreed on it.

What style of music would you guys categorize yourselves into?

[Ben] I’ve never really thought about it before but I would say pop / punk if I had to call it something.

[Paul] Yeah, I’d say pop / punk too.

What would your greatest achievement as a band to date be?

[Paul] I was really stoked when I got an email from Clark, the guitarist in Rufio telling me he liked our live CD, it just put me on the biggest high even though he was probably just trying to be nice!

[Ben] I’m just really happy with our EP! In my opinion it turned out rad and I hope people can listen to it and appreciate it!

[Grant] The amount of food we consumed in the studio over three days is definitely something to be proud of!

What would some of the musical influences behind QuarterMile be?

[Paul] There’s so many I probably couldn’t write them all down if I tried. I’m into pop punk bands like New Found Glory, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Rufio and Sum 41 as well as local rockers like: Something With Numbers, Silent Corporation, One Dollar Short and Last Years Hero. And I’ve always had a thing for bands like Metallica, The Sex Pistols, and other rock legends. So I guess my tastes are widely spread!

[Ben] I like listening to Blink 182, Boxcar Racer, The Transplants, The Ataris, Something With Numbers and generally anything that involves talented musicians! I don’t like listening to rubbish!

[Grant] I like the heaviest music in the band! I listen to The Deftones, Papa Roach, Pacifier (a.k.a. Shihad) Sevendust and 28 Days as well as punk bands like Pennywise and One Dollar Short’s old EP’s so I’m not that fussed when it comes to a style of music either!

[Paul] I suppose all these bands have influenced us in some way and you can probably hear a part of most of them in our songs.


Do you guys have any previous releases or future recording plans in sight?

[Paul] You can pick up a copy of First Initial’s CD ‘The Not Another Boy Band EP’ from Eightball Records for $9.95AU but there’s only a few left out of the original print and I doubt I’ll get any more pressed. We want to really push ‘The Smiles & Frowns EP’ at the moment but who knows what can happen!

[Ben] We’re going to do another EP before the end of the year but we just want to play some shows for a while and try and expand our fan base out of Sydney to other parts of the nation. And like Paul said we really want to push this release.

What three bands have you played with in the past?

[Paul] This particular lineup has not played a show together but QuarterMile played a handful of shows late last year. We played with a band called Motor League and a couple of other groups that don’t take things too seriously and just play covers. We played at a couple of eighteenth birthday parties and other functions. Etc, etc.

What three bands would you like to play with in the future?

[Paul] I would seriously play with any band that just wants to go fucken hard for their whole set and then get really trashed afterwards! It would be really good to play with someone like Something With Numbers or Silent Corporation because I just love watching those guys live, they give it everything they’ve got for the whole set. And so do we! I would love to play on the Warped Tour also.

[Ben] I would really love to play with Something With Numbers as well but I reckon it would be fucken rad to play with Travis from Blink or New Found Glory.

[Grant] Playing with The Deftones would be insane!

What was the last gig you went too?

[Ben] Paul and I went to see Good Charlotte + For Amusement Only + Something With numbers last Sunday night @ The Enmore Theatre, that was rad!

[Paul] Yeah, that was good plus I saw Bob Dylan and Pearl Jam a couple of weeks before which was also good, but I’m counting down the days for Carlos Santana on March 27th, my birthday! Because he’s a fucken legend!

[Grant] I haven’t been to any gigs since The Big Day Out but I’m going to Something With numbers and Kid Courageous @ the backdoor on the 29th of March.

What was the last CD you bought?

[Ben] I bought The Ataris Australian Tour EP a couple of weeks ago as well as Good Charlottes new one and

[Grant] I’ve just got The Deftones import CD, and Pacifier’s new full length. They’re both mad!

[Paul] I’ve just received the new Rufio EP from America and it’s fucken rad, if you like punk rock I would make an effort to get a copy of that CD! I’ve also only recently got Last Years Hero’s EP ‘Start Again’ and that’s pretty narly too.

Few of your favorite discs?

[Grant] I love The Deftones ‘White Pony’ CD, there’s some killer numbers on it. I’m also a big fan of Shihad’s first big release ‘The General Electric’

[Ben] I’m a big fan of Tom and Travis’ side project ‘Boxcar Racer’ I also liked ‘The Transplants’ album, Fenix TX’s ‘Lechuza’ Something With Numbers’ and any of the Blink 182 albums.

[Paul] Definitely Something With Numbers ‘The Barnacles & Stripes EP’ Second-Best’s ‘Don’t Look Back EP’ Rufio’s ‘Perhaps… I Suppose’ Midtown ‘Save The World, Lose The Girl’ and ‘Living Well Is The Best Revenge’ New Found Glory’s ‘From The Screen To Your Stereo EP’ and so many others that I’m just not thinking about!

Where do you see the band in 12 – 18 month’s time?

[Paul] Hopefully backstage at The Hordern Pavilion waiting to open for one of our favorite bands! But who really cares! As long as we can keep writing songs, getting drunk, being friends, causing trouble and most importantly having fun, because as long as we can have fun I’m happy!

[Ben] it would be heaps cool to have sold heaps of copies of our EP and be onto the third press or something, but whatever. I just want to have fun!

[Grant] Who knows? We’re pretty much taking things as they come at the moment, so we’ll see what happens

Is there a web page we can catch QuarterMile on?

[Paul] It is being designed by one of our good friends as we do this interview so it should be up soon and I will post the address as soon as we get it.

Any closing comments or further statements to make?

[Paul] I’d like to thank Cindy heaps for being so cool and laid back about this interview, as well as anyone who’s ever come to watch us play or supported us in any way. If our band ever gets anywhere we won’t ever forget people who believe in us, share our vision and go out of their way to help us!