by cindy Resist Records
Article By Cindy James on Oct 4, 2002


Resist Records

  1. Hey! Can you tell us a bit about your position at Resist and what you do?

I manage Resist, I look after all the things that deal with the shop, label, promotions and anything we do.


  1. Are you the sole owner/creator of Resist Records?

No Resist started in 96, and was run by Scott McFadyen and was a skate and music store. I joined him in 98 and we started the label, now I am the sole owner. Scott has gone on to start his own label and has recently become a father, so he is busy doing other things.


  1. I hear you have your own record store in Newtown, can you tell us a little bit about the shop, and has this based the label in Sydney?

The shop is at 243 Australia St Newtown, and we are punk and hardcore music specialists. We stock music, tee shirts, zines, buttons, stickers etc anything that is involved in the punk and hardcore scenes. Yes, the label is run out of the same operation, all out of the Newtown premises. 


  1. How do you manage both? Are both a full time thing for you?

Lots of hours working I guess. Most days I start at 8 and probably go through till 8 at night. Our shop hours are from 10.30 to 5.30. The label is a full time thing, but I can tie it in with being at the shop, so it works well. If we aren’t releasing anything it can quieten down, but you’re still pretty busy doing stuff.


  1. Did the store or label come first?

Store in 96 and label in 98. The label was something we wanted to do, and we decided to release a 7” by Newcastle’s Found My Direction. This sold well and we just kept putting stuff out after this. Each release funds the next.


  1. What was your inspiration and motivation behind getting it all started?

As Scott started the store, I cant really speak for him, but I know the main reason behind doing it was there were no stores in Sydney that would stock good hardcore or punk, so he decided to start that. With the label, we wanted to start something that was not a big label thing and gave hardcore bands the opportunity to release stuff that wasn’t on a big label. Not many labels are interested in most hardcore bands as they are not very marketable. If I like a band Ill release it, not fussed if it will sell many copies, but obviously I’m realistic with the numbers we sell, you cant release a band that will sell 50 CD’s, makes paying bills pretty hard.


  1. Were there any specific courses you took to learn the ins and outs of the music

industry or has it all been a learning curve?


            No, its all trial and error. I did learn busy studies at high school, but that was it. You learn a lot by being involved with it. Also Scott had been in bands for years so he was well aware of the ins and outs of how things run. Common sense goes a long way I guess.


  1. How did the name “Resist” come about?

Not sure, that was all done by Scott, so I cant help you on that one.


  1. I found your label to be fairly renowned for having hardcore/metal bands signed up, that was until I discovered your most recent signing, the Central Coast’s ‘After The Fall’. A differentiated, yet rockN band! Can you tell us a little bit about them, and the other bands you have signed up to your label?


After The Fall are a great band, they play melodic rock, not poppy or soft, just good basic rock. Actually a friend of mine saw them in Newcastle I think and asked me if I had heard them and I hadn’t, and he told me I would like them. I checked them out next time they played Sydney and he was right, they were great. As time went on, I heard they were looking for a label to release there E.P, so I told them I wanted to do it, and they were cool for me to, so it will be out some time late October. With every release I have done, I have known the band or liked the band. If any band wants to release anything, please send me a demo.


  1. How many bands all up are signed to your label at present?

At the moment we have released 24 releases, by After The Fall, Stronger Than Hate, Killchoir Project, Life Love Regret, Irrelevant, Voice Of Dissent, No Grace, Found My Direction, Within Blood, Demolition High Style, Ceasefire, Frontside, Age Of Distrust, Vicious Circle and Where’s The Pope. Of all these bands, I am only working with a hand full of them now, most have broken up or have gone onto work with other labels.


  1. Are they all Australian?

Yeah, all have been by Australian bands. I can see myself in the future releasing an over seas band, see what happens I guess.


  1. You seem to have a bit of booking skills under your belt, as USA’s Throwdown head our way, I hear on the grapevine that it’s a tour you’re organising, is that correct?

Yeah this is planned for November / December. I’ve booked many bands tours and worked on many tours, so doing this is not hard for me.


  1. Do you get out and see many bands in your spare time?

Yeah, I go to most local shows, I love going to see bands, so I make it when I can.


  1. What are 3 of your favourite bands?

All time favourites are Avail, Gorilla Biscuits and Hot Water Music, although if you ask me this in a week’s time, it will be different. As for my local favourites, of all time would be Toe To Toe, Mindsnare and One Inch Punch. I’m currently listening to the After The Fall recording and Against Me LP.


  1. What has been your Resist Records high light so far?

Probably the fact we’re still operating, that’s a high light. Going away with bands is pretty cool and always fun, meeting a lot of people is also great. Releasing a new CD after you’ve heard the songs in the studio, then mastered then released, that’s a high light. There are so many high and low points, but the above stuff sums it up.


  1. Where do you see the label headed in 12-18 months time?

Doing the same stuff, a few more releases under our belts, and I would be happy.


  1. Any last words to sum up Resist Records?

Thanks for the interview, and to all our loyal customers, and anyone that has supported Resist.


Thanks so much for your time Graham!