Formed in September of 2002, 5-piece punk rock band, Said Girl quickly set about getting their music to the public. I sat down with both Neal and Lee from the group to find out a little more about the band... Said Girl
Article By Cindy James on Jul 2, 2003



So what’s the current lineup of Said Girl and who plays what in the band?


     Neal says: Lee Hollis - vocals, Neal Davies - guitar/vocals, Ryan Smith - guitar/vocals, Brad Rowland - bass/vocals and Damien Spencer – drums


The band has nabbed some high profile support slots since the formation in 2002, which would’ve been your highlight to date?

Lee says: for me it was horsell common, cause those guys are just fucking awesome, but the show with best kept secret was bigger, louder and more fun overall

Neal says: Yeah id agree, horsell common guys were real nice to us and we got along pretty well, and best kept secret show was awesome, we had something like 200 kids           jumping around so that was great


The first 6 months together saw Said Girl play 39 shows, that’s quite an effort for a newly established outfit. At these shows, you guys had your debut demo for         sale, I hear over 70 copies were off loaded?

Lee says: we've played that many shows? Shit time flies

Neal says: Yeah, we just finished our new demo the night before the secondbest shows so we wanted to have it out by then, so we spent all night working on it and burning it etc

Lee says: Neal's the brains behind the facts. I just stand there and look pretty J


Neal says: And it sold pretty well, they had 100 thru the door and we managed to sell 70, so that was pretty good


Yeah that’s awesome! Did the band all meet/form in high school or elsewhere?

Lee says: Brad and I have been in bands together since we were 15 or so, we've just seemed to always end up playing together. Brad and I went to school with D, we originally started a band in 1997 but that split up pretty quick. We've always got along well personally and musically and it was just natural to play together.... I met Neal through friends of friends and our bands broke up around the same time so Neal, D and I decided to start a band. Neal found Ryan over the net, and it turns out he’d just moved to Perth about a month or so before and then we decided to recruit big brad on bass to finish the lineup.

Neal says: Ryan’s from England

Lee says: It was kind of like a thing that was just waiting to happen I think. It seemed so long that we all jammed together (except Ryan...he still lived in England) in the same studios and we were always hanging out together.


Is there a story or underlying meaning behind the band name 'Said Girl?'

Lee says: *points to Neal*

Neal says: Haha, yeah there is... it just basically came up in conversation between me and my girlfriend around the time we were thinking of names, I suggested it to the guys and they liked it. Its kind of like, when you talk about something, and refer back to it using "said". So, we were already talking about a girl, I referred back to her using "said girl" and that’s where its from. People have all different meanings and interpretations and what not, and generally the story is too long and difficult to explain, so we let them think whatever they want, it all adds to the mystery and magic I suppose



How would you describe the bands' sound?

Lee says: Ahh we get asked this heaps. I mean being a new band and all people want to know what you sound like. I guess its a mix of everything we stand for, everything we grew up with and everything we live for now. Bands like finch, the used, taking back sunday and the 'emo core' genre influences some. Bands like Jebediah, grinspoon, the living end and silverchair have their influence, but so do bands like metallica, system of a down, and deftones.


So it'd be a diverse style of emo rock incorporating a hard edge?

Neal says: Yeah I suppose, its a lil hard to pin point, which is good cause it means we can play on the "pop punk" shows, but we can also play the heavier shows ie: supporting horsell common and away from now etc. Its hard to categories ourselves, we let others do that…


What would be the bands’ greatest achievement to date?

Lee says: We've done a lot of cool stuff, and stuff we never expected to do so quickly, but one thing that we've done that we are all proud of is the way we set our sights on playing at certain top Perth venues (amplifier, lookout etc) and getting to a certain level by a certain time, and then achieving the goal.


Neal says: For me, it would probably be coming from no where, to having kids singing our songs at shows, buying our cds and saying nice things about/to us, thats an awesome feeling.


Awww I bet!!


Neal says: Yeah it’s crazy, and we really do appreciate and value all of it


Can you tell us a bit about your previous releases?

Neal says: Our first demo was self recorded and produced at Damo’s house, we basically spent from 10am one morning until 9 am the next morning recording it. We hired all the gear and Damo spent a few weeks prior, reading the manuals etc. It was recorded about 2 weeks after finalising our line up and we we’re still really "gelling" with each other etc and finding our style


Lee says: Yeah it was such a good experience, it kinda set the wheels in motion as well, we got a pile of gigs out of it and a lot of useful feedback, good and bad.


Neal says: Our second demo was done the same way, except we had a better idea of how to do it and we also had more time, so we played around with different techniques and actually did some mixing!We had also found our "style" by that time, with the heavier sort of songs, but our style is still progressing.


Does the band have any plans to record an EP?

Neal says: Yeah, we plan to start working on an EP as soon as all the band members are back from holidays, we’ve had a lot of good feedback on the songs we plan to put on there, so hopefully it goes well.


Lee says: I think with the experience we gained over the first two demos, and kind of dropping ourselves in the deep end, recording by ourselves, we can prepare ourselves now and be ready to record. Hopefully it’ll come out nice.


Best of luck, what 3 bands would you like to play with in the future?

Lee says: Personally, I’d love to play with the Living End, I’m not sure that we'd suit them, but god I love those guys. Any of the drive thru records’ bands’, something with numbers, I mean, there’s too many good bands out there


Neal says: For me, it would have to be the living end as well, they’re my idols.  Finch / the used / Thursday would be awesome, and the bands i grew up listening to - jebediah / grinspoon / shihad would be my dream supports


Lee says: I know brad and d would give their lives to play with the deftones, as Ryan would with Rufio


Neal says: haha yeah, we are a diverse bunch


Lee says: But we also love each other’s tastes in music, it’s not like we each sit in our own corner with our headphones on. We all love each other’s musical tastes. Well, except for d and brads obsession with doof doof music


Hahahhah but it's the new fad

Lee says: Definitely, a bit like yo-yos


Neal says: haha it’s not too bad


Lee says: nah I can live with it


Do you think it's here to stay?

Lee says: doof doof?

Neal says: dance music?


You say tomaaato, I say tomato

Neal says: Nah I don’t think dance music will be going away any time soon, it just transforms into something new, its all good. If it’s making people happy, why not?


Lee says: I think its here to stay for sure. Too many people like it for it to fade out, but at the same time it’s evolving so bloody fast that it never gets boring. It’s a talent to do what those djs do. I’m just trying to make myself sound like a hardcore rock man!


hahaah so I guess my turn table lessons will eventually pay off J What was the last gig you guys went too?

Neal says: Saturday night - Sommerset @ the Rosemount


Ohhh how good are those kiwis!!!

Neal says: Raddest bunch of guys - awesome band


Lee says: Neal lies. It was Sunday at the amplifier to see Sommerset. It was the first time id seen ‘em (well this weekend was) and they were awesome. Wish I knew about them earlier


Neal says: Oh yeah! we went on Sunday too!


Definitely. What was the last CD each of you brought?

Neal says: Times Up EP (local Perth band... rad guys also, check em out!)


Lee says: Well today I bought deftones - Minerva, and sleepy jackson (how good are those guys???)


Sleepy Jackson's new album is really impressive!

Lee says: It is! I never used to get into them much when they were just a local Perth band. Until I saw them earlier this year with silverchair and they really did blow me away


Are there any local bands' we should keep our eye out for??
Neal says: Times up definitely, they blow me away every time I see them, and their EP is awesome. Change of Face are doing big things, supports with Strung Out etc, awesome bunch of guys, Last Years Hero are going well, Tantrum are an awesome band too


Lee says: Yeah, definitely times up. change of face, the avenues, and tantrum all rock. I guess you've heard of last years hero?


Sure have, lovely boys, great band!

Lee says: Perth’s scene has some really great bands at the moment


Yeah it has to be something in the water!!! Where do you see the band in 12-18 months time?

Neal says: I would really love to see us touring Australia, maybe the world, playing shows. Playing festivals like the big day out, warped tour, livid are all dreams of mine as well. But as long as we are still having fun doing what we are doing, I don’t care where we are


Lee says: Yeah I agree. I mean this time last year we had no bassist, no songs and no future. We’ve come a long way and we want to take it as far as possible. One step at a time is all we can do.


Well all the best for the bands' future. I'm sure I will be talking to you guys in the mean time. Is there a website we can check out Said Girl or a download page some of your tracks can be located on?

Neal says: is our website... and you can download a few of our tracks at


Are there any last words you'd like to say to sum up the interview!?

Neal says: Just like to say thank-you to all the people that help and support us - our friends, girlfriends, families. Thanks to everyone who comes to shows, downloads our songs, buys our cds and supports us, we really appreciate it all. And look out for our new EP toward the end of this year


Lee says: I’d like to say thanks to anyone whos done all that, but mostly to those who have gone beyond the call of duty in spreading our name and music. Thanks for having us, hope to see ya soon!


Lee says: Thanks heaps


Neal says: Thanks cindy