Interview by Cindy James. Sarah Griesser
Article By Cindy James on May 15, 2002

“In April 2002 I managed to catch up with old friend and Central Coast’s rising singer/songwriter Sarah Griesser. Read on to find out about the ‘Coast’s own very talented musician…

Cindy: Hey Sarah! It's been ages since we last spoke, how are you coming along (musically) are you still solo?

Sarah: Well, it's coming along quite well. After just getting over my writers block, I’ve been just experimenting. We're also getting a new band together. Who are making the songs sound more full.

Cindy: That's heaps cool! How many of you are in the band and who does what?

Sarah: Well it's just me on acoustic guitar and vox, Kane on drums, and Carl on bass. Not a permanent set up, but it's working for now. We're just getting our stuff together at the moment.

Cindy: So how long have you been playing together?

Sarah: Only in the last two weeks or so. But we've all just clicked.

Cindy: Yeah? that's wicked! Do you all have the same influences?

Sarah: Not really! Kane’s into Pearl Jam, I'm into Jeff Buckley and all the angry girl singers.... and Carl just kinda plays along to everything.

Cindy: Cool! So it gives the band a different sort of vibe. That seems to be working?

Sarah: Yeah, it's very diverse. It's a mad vibe in the room when we're into it. We're kinda just taking it easy at the moment. I've had my fare share of gigs in the past couple of months, and now I want to get back to writing. But we will play a few gigs here and there

Cindy: Have you had any previous solo recordings or future plans to record and release with your new band?

Sarah: Yeah, we'll be recording a three or four track CD, but that won't be for a while. I've got a bit of solo stuff down, but I'd rather it be a bit more solid than just me and an acoustic.

Cindy: O.K. Cool, as a solo artist what would your greatest achievement be so far?

Sarah: Hmmmmm...... Probably supporting Mick Hart. He's a fantastic musician and gave me a chance. GOD BLESS HIM!!

Cindy: That’s awesome! When was that?

Sarah: Last December, yes Boxing Day it was. Getting in there was an achievement as well! I dodged the people at the desk who were trying to get me to sign in.

Cindy: Yeah it sucks not being 18! What style of music would you say your band plays, and what are you guys called???

Sarah: We play (apparently) acoustic alternative rock. And we are not yet going under a name. They think it should just be my name, but we'll see.

Cindy: Have you played in any bands before this one or have you always been working solo?

Sarah: Well the most recent was My Life My Rifle, but we split due to creative differences. We're all good mates; we all needed more from a band. But I've been in a few bands in high school; I was in one called Utopian Dream. But we didn't get too far....

Cindy: O.k. & how long have you been playing guitar & concentrating on music?

Sarah: Well, I've been playing guitar on and off for about 4 years. Sometimes I'll put it down ‘cause it gets frustrating and not pick it up, but since buying my new guitar I've been playing all day

Cindy: Yeah? What kind of guitar did you get?

Sarah: A Maton 325 semi acoustic.

Cindy: O.k. cool do you have a web site or one coming up we can catch you at?

Sarah: Well I should be playing at the Grand Hotel every Friday in May, supporting some local acts, but that isn't confirmed. Some gigs at the Tall Timbers Hotel at Ourimbah in a few months, but just keep your eyes and ears peeled. We're in the process of making a website. If anyone wanted any information about gigs, just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cindy: O.k. thanks heaps for your time and I hope it all goes really well for you!

Sarah: Thanks to you too, good luck.