By kath Teddysexuals Interview
Article By Kath on Sep 7, 2002





1) How long have The Teddysexuals been together?
Coming up to 5 years now...(sounds like a long time when you write
it down!)

2 ) Where does the name come from?
The name came from a wild night on the town, Hamish (Singer,
guitarist) and Anatole (Drums) formed a camaraderie that changed the world as we know it. I believe they were in a tree when inspiration hit, singing the bananas in pajamas theme song.

3) How did you guys all meet?
Hamish and Anatole formed the band after the previously mentioned
evening, there was another bassist at the time. As I understand he just
wouldn't cut it as a full time member so Hamish asked me to assist with a couple of shows. I have known Hamish for years and was playing around in various bands at the time, during the first rehearsal I was struck by the bands strength of songs and "the vibe". I decided to stay with the band and it has continued from there.

4) What would be your 3 major musical influences?
Mitch Mitchell from Jimi Hendrix
experience, Bob Dylan and Geezer
Butler from Black Sabbath.

5) What is one thing you'd like to change about the
music industry?
Personally I have no problem with the music industry, although there
sure are a lot of monkeys out there that promise all sorts of stuff and then fall I guess in answer to your questions I would like to replace the monkeys with good folk that do what they say.

6)  Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs time?
In 5 years I see the band in the throws of world wide touring,
releasing popular CD's and enjoying the life style associated with such

7) What do you think makes a band stand out from all the others?
Commitment, and friendship. I've been told that it's a pleasure
seeing the band because its obvious that we enjoy doing what we do. I also think that the bands many and varied musical styles separate us from others. We are the best of friends and that makes an enormous difference.

8) What CD releases have you had out? Any in the pipe-line?
2 CD's and various compilations and surf videos.
Disk #1 titled "The Bear Essentials" released in 2000 out through MGM
Disk #2 "Hovercraft", released in 2002 out through Automatic Distribution.

In the pipeline we plan to record and release a full length CD early next
year. We are currently doing pre-production in preparation for this.

9) Favourite cast member of Secret Life of Us?
Umm..., I'm spewing that Joel Edgerton left personally. Good show
really, of the remaining characters Abi Tucker is cool.

10) Final thoughts........(On your band, where you're headed, words  of wisdom, etc....)
Well, lets have a seat and think about this for a while, I strongly
recommend that you and yes I mean you take the time to come along and have your self a look at The Teddysexuals, I trust that you will find the band entertaining to say the least. Don't forget to have a little look at the web site and generally jump on board. You will be glad that you did.

11) Website/email details. = Web Site
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. = Email Address

12) Hey just another question I wanted to ask. Just seeing as you're from Sydney, is the original band scene as bad as we keep hearing it is? Or is there still afew quality places to play like the Annandale, etc.

Also, how would you compare the Sydney scene to the Melbourne scene? (I presume you've come down to Melb before?)

The Sydney scene is out there if you search around for it. There are
definitely quality gigs out there like the Excelsior Hotel in Surry Hills,
The Annandale, and The Bridge Hotel in Rozelle.
In comparison to the shows that we have played in Melbourne there appear to be more punters, people that just go and see bands and that is really encouraging.