The Juliana Theory The Juliana Theory
Article By Cindy James on Jan 10, 2003


1.      You guys have come along way over the past five years with endless tours around the nation, producing what’s coming to your third album and illuminate success from previous releases. Do you feel all the hard work has now all paid off or do you see everything still arising from here?





We’ve always taken everything one step at a time and I think that’s been a big part of our success.  We’ve built our fanbase slowly and steadily through touring and word of mouth instead of just blowing up in 2 seconds because  of radio and video play.  We’re on our third album now and are very happy for where we are- it’s our fans that keep us going.


2.      Your band is renowned for hard work and endless tours. I’m constantly receiving newsletters about the band touring round the states, having every time the question come into mind of, ‘When are you guys coming out here to Aus!!!?’ has there been any talk of heading down our way?


We’re hoping to come to Australia sometime between May and July this year.  It really depends upon when our album comes out over there.  We’ve heard great things about Australia and know we have a lot of fans there so we can’t wait to make the trip over.


3.      We have some great talent out here; do many Australian bands get airplay over there? If so, do you have any bands in particular you’re into?


AC/DC has to be the greatest Australian band ever.  Some of us have liked Silverchair or INXS at varying points.  Jebediah are awesome.  I’m looking forward to checking out some of the newer Australian rock bands.


4.      The Juliana Theory were labelled at one point as a band with spiritual beliefs, That being of course brought on by the signing to Tooth & Nail records, with the label being renowned for releasing bands of the Christianity form. Do you get asked much about your beliefs and whether the signing to T&N was to support them?


People ask us all the time, but we signed to Tooth & Nail because they were the only label that offered us a deal at the time.  We don’t have any sort of spiritual agenda.  We’re just a rock band.


5.      What do the band get up to whilst not on tour? Do you find your local fan base sitting in your lounge room waiting to hear your adventures?


Everyone kind of does their own thing when we’re not touring.  We do rehearse and write whenever we get the chance.  Otherwise, we’re spending time with our friends and girlfriends and just relaxing.





6.      How do you relax and stay sane whilst on tour?


Everyone has their own routine- the key is to find time away from the rest of the people you’re touring with.  We spend a lot of time on the phone with loved ones and spend our leisure time watching movies or tv and playing videogames.


7.      Whilst growing up, which bands do you feel made an impact on you and the creation of the Juliana Theory?


Everyone in the band has their own set of influences, but I think we can agree on: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and U2.


8.      Have the influences been changed as the band has progressed?


We’re always finding new things that inspire us, but I don’t think we’ve ever sat down and tried to write anything to try and emulate another artist we like.


9.      What’s your fashion prediction for the year? Do you think piercing and tats will ever be replaced?


I’m not really into fashion, piercing or tats, so it’s hard to say.  People should just dress and look how they like to.


10.  I read on your site that the Juliana theory initially started as a side project. Did you ever expect the band to become full time, and what was it that made you make the transition from side project to a full time main focus?



It was definitely a side project at first, but once we started to tour and make our first record we realized that it was special and eventually committed to making the band our first priority.


11. You guys have just completed your first U.K tour yeah? How were the crowds, and did  you guys take your own support band over there or did TJT hook up with some of the U.K’s finest?


We had a really great band from Wales called Funeral For A Friend support the UK tour.  It was awesome. The punters were crazy,  We had the best time over there.


12. How did TJT originally meet, and what was the motivation of the creation of the band?


We all grew up in the same area, were in various bands together and started this band just to have fun.  It was kind of a joke at first, but as it progressed, we all realized we had something special and decided not to stop playing.




13. Where do you see TJT in 12-18 months time?


 Probably on stage somewhere.


15. Ok, thankyou so much for the interview, do you have any last words to sum TJT up?


Thanks Cindy!