Interview By Cindy James Underside
Article By Cindy James on Jul 12, 2002

1. So what’s the current line-up of Underside and who plays which in the band?

Helmet/Drums, PenPen/Guitar - vocals, Scott/Bass - Bk vocals, Lyndon/Guitar – Lead vocals

2. Being a Melbourne based band, and the demand in the punk scene quite high, over all, how do you find the live scene treating you, do you get much support with gig venues, promotions etc or is all the hard work left up to you guys?

There’s always hard work when you’re in a band i guess but we do consider ourselves fortunate to be based in Melbourne with such a healthy live music scene. Once venues realise that you can get a few punters through the door they generally treat you pretty good.

3. Were you all in a high school band together or did the band form elsewhere?

Helmet and I pretty much started the band together back in ‘98, we used to Jam in his garage for a long time before we thought “hey, maybe a bass would sound good”...PenPen joined in early ‘2001

4. How did the name ‘Underside come about?

We had a huge list and none of us could agree on any, and I said “We are really “Undecided” on this ...Scott said “Underside” and I guess it stuck.

5. Playing along side such other big named acts like The Vandals, MxPx and A New Found Glory at this year’s Vans Warped Tour, did the band make any new buddies or future tour plans whilst on the road?

We’ve been long time friends with “For Amusement Only” but we’ve never got around to doing a tour with them yet.. It’s definitely on the cards though. We’re doing a show with buds “One Dollar Short” in Jindabyne in a couple of weeks which we’re hangin out for too.

6. What were some of the original musical influences behind the creation of Underside and do you feel they have branched out as the band have progressed?

There is such a variety of influences between the 4 of us probably to many to list (as in many bands) but I definitely think we’ve developed our own sound/style of punk kinda just happens I guess.

7. Has there been one song or artist that has inspired you either personally or musically in the past? If so, who might’ve it been any why?

I was watching Elvis Costello on TV the other day and although his voice gets a bit annoying after a while I think he’s an amazing song writer... mainly because he can write any kind of song...from a Ballet to a catchy punk song...

8. Touring- Do you guys have any on or off stage antics?
We leave most of the antics to Helmet, I think its because we don’t let him have a mic on stage so he feels he has to make up for it off stage.

10. Your latest E.P "One Small Step" was released last December with your first single being "No Time like the Present". Has their been any plans of a film clip come your way?

No film clip as such but we are about to go into our second pressing and we’ll probably put some home movie stuff on there.

11. Can you tell us a little bit about your first release “Off The Deep End” released back in ’99 and is this E.P is still available for purchase?

Ha Ha people often ask about that Ep/Demo and yeah there’s a few copies lying around of it. We basically recorded it live in the studio so it’s pretty raw but hey… It was all a learning experience.

12. Any news of another E.P or future album recording plans insight?
We are about to go into the studio next week to start demoing some newer tracks.... I’d say a new release wouldn’t be too far away.

13. Is there one member who writes most of the music and lyrics in the band or is it a shared job?

I write all the lyrics and melodies at the moment but since PenPen has joined us we’ve been working together a lot more. PenPen as you know wrote “Someone Once Said” and he always sings that one at show’s.

14. 5 Quick questions
*Boxers or Briefs? Boxers
*Mosher or watcher? Watcher/listener
*Fast driving or cruisin? Fast driving
*Piercings or tattoos? not me...Scotty and Helmet make up for that
*Fashion prediction for 2003? Fluro and Miami Vice Sports Jackets

15. Where would be the place you’d love to tour most if ever the chance to tour over seas?

Probably California or Europe

16. What was the last gig you went to you guys didn’t play at?

SFR... Helmets younger brothers band.. They’re rad

17. What are your top 3 CD’s in your collection?

At the moment Body Jar - “Plastic Skies”, Van Halen – 1984, The beach boys greatest hits

18. Any of them a most recent of purchase?

The Body Jar album... Sooo good

19. Where do you see yourself in 12-18 months?

Hopefully touring on a new recording

20. Is there a website we can catch Underside on?

Yep it’s

O.K have you got any words to sum up Underside?

Ummm...yeah.....If it’s not fun don’t do it...

Thanks heaps for your time!

and thank you for your time too.