Down at The Great Western Bar, Penrith, club burnouts’ last show at the venue Cindy James managed to catch a few moments with Unpaid Debts’ drummer Damien Elliot and guitarist Tim Walter on just about all music aspects the band’s come about. Unpaid Debt
Article By Cindy James on May 14, 2002

Unpaid Debt

Down at The Great Western Bar, Penrith, club burnouts’ last show at the venue Cindy James managed to catch a few moments with Unpaid Debts’ drummer Damien Elliot and guitarist Tim Walter on just about all music aspects the band’s come about

Cindy- Hey! So how long have you guys been together as a band?

Damo- 2 ½ years

Tim- Yea

Cindy- You’ve just got a new singer, how’s he settling in?

Tim- Yeah, his names’ Joe, I used to play in a band with him a few years ago. Its all working out well, things just get better and better with us.

Damo- O.K you’re fired Tim!

Cindy- And for those who havn’t heard yet, what style of music do you play?

Damo- Punk/ska/shitcore

Tim- Yea

Cindy- What are some of the influences behind Unpaid debt?

Damo- Bouncing Souls, Suicide Machines, Operation Ivy and The Vandals

Cindy- With two needless to say “outstanding” recordings under your belt and a feature of the week song on JJJ last year are we set to be hearing any new releases from the new sounds of unpaid debt?

Damo -Yes! We’re recording at the moment, we’re recording a new E.P with six songs on it, and it should be out sometime May-ish

Cindy- I hear you’s have just completed a brief tour of Melbourne, did you find the alternate/punk scene to be much different to up here in Sydney?

Damo- Well Brief was the right word!

Tim- We weren’t really playing with punk bands down there, we played with the PORKERS, who are a ska band and we played with THE DRUGS who are like a pop rock really, who are pretty crazy, although we didn’t play with any straight punk bands so it was like a different thing for us. Melbourne seems to have lots and lots of scenes, which is cool!

Cindy- So it all went well?

Tim- Yeah it was a ball!

Damo- We had a ball!

Damo- Tim had a couple of balls…

Cindy- Any other plans of broadening your tours anywhere else?

Damo- We’ve been to Brisbane, we’re planning on going back to Melbourne again and Canberra

Tim- There was actually talk of New Zealand! That should be fun! Matt our bass player is from there, yeah we might go there sometime, if we can get the visa’s!!!!!!

Cindy- Who’d have the worst music taste in the van?

Damo- Definitely Tim!!!!!

Tim- Anyone but me!!!!!

Cindy- As a band do you guys have any certain antics yet?

Damo- Only if we give Tim the microphone.

Tim- You’d have to come see us for that one there are millions and millions and millions!
Joe, Matt and Damo

Cindy- April being your second time playing the GROUNDED festival, how do you like festivals compared to pub gigs?

Tim- It’s coooool! It’s cool ‘cuz I love all ages shows. Grounded’s cool it’s sort of like a local for us, lots of young kids come along, we get to hang out and talk to them and stuff, it is cool! Pub gigs can be good as well but Grounded’s definitely tops it’s a local fiasco.

Cindy- Have you played on any other festival line up before?

Tim- Well we did play at Big Day Out three times, (gives sarcastic look) first 3 shows.

Damo- We played before the gates opened

Tim- Yeah, and we weren’t actually at the venue it was in the living room of my house, it was allrigghhttt.

Cindy- What band have you had the most fun sharing the stage with?

Damo- THE DRUGS definitley!

Tim- When we play, we don’t actually play with other bands on the stage but definitely Green Day at Livid… hehehe nar Cinds- just kidding.

Cindy- So who’s the brains behind the music and lyrics in the band?
Joe and Damo

Damo- Now Joe’s singing for us he writes most of the lyrics, so he’s the brains behind the lyrics and I’m the brains behind all the music (ha,ha!)

Tim- Yeah you know how when people, take drugs thier brain sort of deforms and distorts and stuff? Well me and Matt usually do that to Damiens music like we all f**k up the songs and we make them sound like… Unpaid Debt!

Damo- What c.d would we find in your stereo at the moment?

Tim- I actually don’t have a stereo, I have a juke box and umm it’s got lots of old stuff, like Buddy Holly and Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis, even though he’s a wife killer, he’s a great guy.

Damo- Fuel for the hate game -hot water music.

Cindy- What would be your greatest achievement to date?

Damo- Probably Grounded 2000.

Tim- I think staying together for so long! Actually one of the good things was going to Brisbane for the second time and having kids actually singing our songs, it was sort of weird and cool and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Cindy- If you could claim to have written any song by any artist which would you choose and why?

Tim- “I don’t want to grow up” by the Ramones because it explains my mental profile.

Damo- ‘Smile’ by Big Wig because it’s just an awesome song.

Tim- Or Stairway to Heaven ‘cuz then I’d be filthy rich!

Cindy- Where do you see yourselves in 3 years time?

Tim- Hopefully still living with my parents because I love my mum and I love my dad. Playing shows yeah still the same place and working my crappy job so I could still do the shows, that’s what I love.

Damo- With a few more wrinkles, a bit smellier, umm but still having fun!

O.K well thanks heaps for the interview. You can catch Unpaid Debt on: