An interniew with Vantage by Kath. Vantage Interview
Article By Kath on Sep 17, 2003


1) How long have Vantage been together and whereabouts in Australia are you from? 

We've been together as Vantage since 1998, but Scott and I started writing songs together when we were 10 years old (sometime in the mid-80s). We used an analog synthesiser and piano. We hail from sunny Melbourne.

2) Where does the name come from? 

The name comes from a strange man who sat on a street corner, who just mumbled the name to Sash as he walked past one day? At least that is where I was told name came from. Seriously.

3) How did you guys all meet? 

Andy and I are cousins so we unavoidably met pretty early on. But we didn't play in a band together until Vantage emerged. Scott and I met at school and soon found that we could sit in a room together and make music. We also knew Sash from school, but not very well. Sash had never played an instrument until he convinced me and Scott that he should be our new lead singer and guitarist. That was five years ago.

4) What would be your 3 major musical influences? 

We are pretty widely influenced. At the moment, I think that Doves would be our main reference point, particularly in terms of our sound and its scope. Beyond that, we all grew up with different influences - Nick Cave, the Clash, New Order, the Cure, Elvis, Lemonheads, Beastie Boys etc. A couple of us are also pretty partial to our hip-hop, beats and drum and bass.

5) What is one thing you'd like to change about the music industry? 

Putting the power in the hands of musicians. And it is starting to happen with cheap, home recording becoming a reality and the internet
giving bands a chance to take on the world by themselves. There's still a long way to go, but it's a start.

6) Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs time? 

There's a line we had in a song: "been feeling for the pulse of our fortunes, but trying not to see crystal balls". I suppose we would love to know where we are heading, but predictions are made to not happen. What I do know is that we would hope to be still making music

7) What do you think makes a band stand out from all the others? 

The ability to take music somewhere new, whilst keeping it comprehensible and accessible. The greatest bands seem to
simultaneously fit the times and just stay ahead of them.

8) What CD releases have you had out? Any in the pipe-line? 

We have just released our debut EP All That is New. Its an independent release distributed by MGM. It's a five-tracker which covers a lot of
ground in under twenty minutes. We are damn proud of it. Our sound was transformed and consolidated in the recording process, in no small part thanks to producer Paul "Woody" Annison of Pound System fame, who produced the last Rocket Science album, Contact High, as well as Screamfeeder an album or two ago. We are really excited with the end result and it has had a great response so far.

The Melbourne launch is Saturday 13th September at the Duke of Windsor, with Second Dan and Ruteger as supports.

We also had a independentlly released double-A side single in 2000, Steve Austin/No Chorus. It got our name out there. Richard Kingsmill
picked it up and gave it a few spins on JJJ.

9) (Non music-related question) Buffy or Secret Life of Us? 

Personally, Secret Life. Don't really watch much TV, but I try to catch Secret Life. Never seen Buffy actually. I get kick out of seeing
Melbourne on screen. It's like distorted reality TV.

10) Final thoughts........(On your band, where you're headed, words of wisdom, etc....)

Get out into the sunshine before it goes away again.

11)  Website/email details. 

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.