The X Factor is one of the most talked about shows on Australian television and is a popular topic for media around the world. The ability for viewers to vote for their favourite contestant week after week creates extra interest in the weekly results and the progression of each contestant as they sing to be crowned the next winner who amongst other things will get a Sony record deal. This is all sounds fantastic but does that mean Australia will get it right? So far they have voted out some of the most experienced and talented contestants in the show this year including the power singer and drummer Jason Heerah and a very versatile vocalist Reigan Derry while leaving the show with a final three that really makes no sense to me given the mix.

First we have young Marlisa Punzalan who has a power voice and nice stage presence but has barely begun to experience the harshness of life and is set to be exposed to the tough reality of a fully fledged celebrity plus contractual commitments of most commercially signed artists. I do enjoy her performances but seeing her live concert will not appeal to me any time soon because I'll have to navigate the havoc and loud screaming girls and boys at her all age shows. I may be inclined to buy her albums but it would be a hard sell. Next there is the trio boy group brothers three who have the most amazing harmonies I’ve heard on Australian television but really don't impress me beyond that. Yeah they are good and talented but will I buy their album? Nope. Finally there is the rocker Dean Ray. Dean has not been half as entertaining to watch as the rock geared winners of the past including Altiyan Childs (2010) and Reece Mastin (2011) but he does have his own rock thing going and given the odds rock has won twice before so he has a shot at winning the contest year.

At this point it is any body’s game and I am not even willing to place bets only to say that if the public aren’t voting for the experienced artist already mentioned into the final three then why not give the kid a chance and vote for Marlisa as the winner to The X Factor 2014. At this point that is the only thing that makes any sort of sense to me.

Being voted out of The X Factor is not all bad because contestants are free to pursue their career in music and can potentially become more successful than the actual winner by riding on the reputation they gained while on the show.